InFamous and Prototype: Which Superhero will Triumph?

This Sumer/Winter - depending where you are in the world - two heroes are buckling down to go head to head. Sucker Punch's InFamous and Activision's Prototype are both set to be released around the same time and both games have uncanny similarities.

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Danja3527d ago

but im looking forward to both equally the same , they both offer 2 different types of gameplay...that looks very cool and enjoyable

jammy_703527d ago

its a ps3 exclusive....

that the way it is these days...
though im sure i'll be a better game! :)

N4360G3527d ago

Both for PS3 owners,Prototype for Xbox 360 owners.

Karum3527d ago

Because I'm going to be buying both.

However I am looking forward to infamous a bit more.

Prototype will be a PS3 purchase most likely...I like my trophies.

Cajun Chicken3527d ago

One problem. Cole can't drive cars, it seems like Alex can.
So I'm potentially more excited by Prototype for pure gaming chaos, I love the consuming and absorbing game mechanic.
I also like the platform elements of Infamous, the 'Heroes'eque' nature of the game and I'm curious how Sucker Punch will do the install early on during the actual game.
Either way, I'm certainly getting both, just need to know when the games are actually out instead of teasing seasonal placeholders.

Prototype will sell more due to being multiplat if we're on about sales, its even on PC.

Fatal Blow3527d ago

Its a win for ps3 owners cause we get to play both games

XLiveGamer3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Actually its a win for xbox360 owners because prototype by no doubt its better than infamous and of course its going to run better on X360.

Why i am going to spend my money on two games that almost have the same action and almost look the same when i can play the original and not the copycat. All i need its one game per month to have fun offline and online. But of course you are going to buy one and later the other right? Also its incredible how here a lot of PS3 gamers spend money on boring crappy games and try to make them look AA or AAA so hard. There's no doubt that also there's a lot of boring games on Xbox360.

But also i know that sometimes PS3 fans comment about games they don't have the money to buy it and post comments inspired by those who already played the game or by those that got inspired by a review or a short demo video of the game.

But i am going to agree with you that PS3 gamers are going to play both games of course... duh!

@jammy70 serious... ¿Infamous better than Prototype?

I love your disagree Sony Fans keep doing it.