Crytek Speaks On Free Radical Purchase

Emma Boyes writes:

"Two weeks ago, Crytek signed a deal to acquire Nottingham, UK-based developer Free Radical. Since then, we've heard rampant speculation about what this will mean for the recently-troubled team, so we went to Crytek managing director Anvi Yerli, one of three brothers who run the Crysis developer, to find out more about the acquisition and why he considers Free Radical a "more than perfect" fit for his team."

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solideagle13534d ago

super cool looking HD monlies in jungle with suit. good man

stevenhiggster3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Can't wait to see what they do with Time Splitters 4, I almost wept at the thought of that game not getting finished.

christian hour3533d ago

yeah the thought of no timesplitters 4 was some really bad news. Devastating news! This however, is great news and I'm glad it was someone like crytek (honestly, who seen that coming?) and not someone who'd mess everything up... Like EA... We got lucky :D

XxSpiiKeZxX3533d ago

but i really hope they could take Haze to the next level i mean even though it was dissapointing u got to admit the idea is awesome but no used in the way we all expected..
wither remake it or have a Haze2 where they make it much better
hey not every new iops are good i mean the first killzone wasnt the best but its sequel is alredy triple A

Robearboy3534d ago

Lets hope that the games from now are better than that piece of donkey balls haze, thats the very first fps game i didnt complete as i just couldnt be bothered, i have even finished turning point!

Zip3534d ago

lol you got to smile over thoose who hyped haze up back in the days

volcane3533d ago

Bring Crysis to PS3 and I will be happy, because my PC just doesn't cut it.

TOO PAWNED3533d ago

Don't worry, you are not missing much.

christian hour3533d ago

Yeah crysis just looks pretty. You'll have killzone 2 soon so you'll forget all about crysis and its pretty graphics.

Meryl3533d ago

nice move, and i'm glad free radical didn't get shut down all together, they have made some brilliant titles after all, just hope they don't make more like haze, i hope they play it safe for the next game they make, a timesplitters game should definitely be good.

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The story is too old to be commented.