Apple execs rethinking iPhone pricing strategy for 2009

While the likelihood of Apple releasing new iPhones this year is all but certain, a discussion between analysts and Apple's top brass has also dropped clues that the iPhone's pricing may not be static this year.

Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein Research mentions in a research note that a discussion with Apple COO Tim Cook, CFO Petter Oppenheimer and worldwide marketing senior VP Phil Schiller point both to an upgrade to the touchscreen device as well as to the possibility of "different pricing/price points" this year, with Cook "examining iPhone's business model" for possible changes.

Cook and Schiller in particular have teased a "very exciting" 2009 for iPhones.

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GMWPS33532d ago

Apple need to do only two things to sell a ton more iphones:
1) Sell network-free phones worldwide. Or in other words let the buyer be free to select their own service provider.
2) Drop the price to around $200 worldwide.

They would outsell almost every other phone manufacturer in a very short time. In fact keeping up with demand will be their biggest problem.

majorsuave3531d ago

Network free I agree.
200$ is still more that what I want to pay for a phone. No matter what it can do.

And at the current price, I could buy a PS3....

dragunrising3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

How about make an iPhone non-exclusive to Apple? I'd buy it...

Edit: @ above- exactly what I wanted to communicate :-)