2 Days 2 Vegas: 2 Good 2 Miss

Monday at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2007 PSU met up with Edwin Loo, the "head monkey" at Steel Monkey Ltd., to talk about their current project, 2 Days 2 Vegas. They came away from the meeting thoroughly impressed with the game, and looking forward to the game when it debuts in 2008.

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Siesser4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

I remember seeing pics from this game a long time ago, and being utterly floored by them. There was this one with a pick-up truck that was as real as it can get. Happy to see they're still working on this game, but doubt I'll be playing it if it's really open-ended. I've never been a fan of sandbox gameplay (looking at you GTA).

Been then again, you can't judge a game merely on its genre.

EDIT: Here's the pic I was talking about

NoUseMerc4248d ago

That screen is old though. The new ones are watermarked by PSU...

luckywaster4247d ago

so is this game also coming to the 360?

FordGTGuy4247d ago

and has always been multi-platform.

Funky Town_TX4247d ago

Stop showing pics. Show me a finished product. I bet this is not ingame.

Anerythristic264247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

I have been follwing this game. A few things , first these are definetly bullshots , no way is that ingame. Second it's straight vaporware , the orginal development house was liquidated and employees left due to not getting paychecks. Last I heard a small group of ex employees are in Canada looking for a publisher. Vaporware Total !

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