Street Fighter IV On Xbox 360 Is Region Free

The good guys at VGP did some testings on their PAL Xbox 360 and confirmed that Street Fighter IV is region free.

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-EvoAnubis-3622d ago

And yet, has not one single thing to do with this story.

Danja3622d ago

it doesn't really matter since all 3 regions will be getting the game around the same time..


Yes, not always, but in the absolute majority of the cases, yes. But this is how it is supposed to be, 360 is hit or miss in region lock, that's why we need 360 article and not PS3 ones in this matter.

We would need a PS3 one if the game was indeed region locked. Get it?

Bathyj3622d ago

So why do we need a story everytime a PS3 game has an install. Shouldn't we be getting a story if a game DOESN'T have an install?

BISHOP-BRASIL3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Well, actually mandatory, optional or none install are way too hit or miss, so it COULD, still your logical is closer of the ideal than you might have thinked.

It shouldn't need any articles becuase those install don't really change the nature of the game.

But if you are going to push uneeded news anyway, be it that is possible to optimize enough to get rid of the installs or minimize it, not the other way around, 'cause it mundane.

EDIT: Wow, my english is always bad (not a native speaker) but today I'm breaking some records here... I'm going to sleep! LOL

Bathyj3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

well that was my point, its unneeded news. Its usually just used as flamebait.

Back on topic, nice talking to ya. Dont worry about the disagrees, I think I have a stalker.


Agreed. It's not necessary just because of possible variation (installs, region locks, language) but it depends if this variation is matter of interest, which I doubt install is one (unless we are talking about something that make then relevant, like optimizing over time, measuring games with installs this year and how many we have in earlier years).

Now I think we should go on-topic again. LOL

PS: I'm not the one that hit the disagee Bathyj.

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Bathyj3622d ago

Cool, but why does that matter.

Is someone getting this early?

II Necroplasm II3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

It just came out yesterday here in america.


There is people that imported their consoles so they now know they don't need to import also the game.

There is people in regions were the game maybe isn't launch (in Brazil, at least for now, this is the case), they can import it.

There is people that are living out of they country and bring their 360s with then, they don't need to import if they don't mind the local language/subtitles.

Just to say 3 very possible situations.

godmoney3622d ago

how is this copying from the PlayStation?

xlx-russ_923622d ago

Xbox 360 Welcome to 2006!!!

UncleJaysus3622d ago

I'm not asking that in the usual 'why are people posting this sort of news' way. I'm asking it in a 'haven't we known this for ages?' way.

Import websites have known this for months.

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