Resident Evil 5 Next Gen Graphics Last Gen Game play

By now, many of you have played the Resident Evil 5 Demo. It's apparent to most the demo has outstanding graphics; truly next generation graphics (current gen). It's hard not to think why Capcom would deliver on outstanding graphics, but deliver a horrendous game play. Sure this was acceptable last generation for various reasons. Take a look at what I mean.

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blacsheep3528d ago

that was v good LAST-GEN game this is a new era*

Danja3528d ago

well alot of other games did the same thing..good graphics , same ole gameplay from last why rip this game apart...for it

I mean the control scheme is kinda lame , plus I would have atleast prefer to have the option to walk and shoot at the same time....but overall im still gonna give this game a rent b4...I just dismiss too much of a RE fan to not atleast try it

GameGambits3528d ago

Personally for me RE5 Demo on 360 sucked, but on my PS3 it was top notch. Why? It had to do with how the controls sensitivity and aim was way more fluid and spot on for PS3. On 360 I always felt I was struggling with them and couldn't enjoy the demo, but on PS3 it was like an almost new game to me. Why this is, is not certain for me, but people who own both consoles and only tried the 360 version SHOULD redownload it on PS3 to give it a try. You might come away surprised like I did.

As for the, "Dead Space used RE controls, why was it not hated on," that's BS. Dead Space's enemies are one of the major differences to prove why the controls are different. In DS you don't aim for the smallest part on their body, the head, instead you are ripping at bigger things like arms and legs, tentacles, etc and the weapons are made specific to taking those parts out. The game had a long thought process I'm sure in adding the right tools for the right enemies. Aiming was also spot on and fast, because when you brace your weapon to your face with an enemey in that area, it will auto aim it pretty slick so you start off at a respectable spot to shoot at. In RE, where you point your gun, is where the bullets will fly, and won't help you out by throwing it a few inches to land shots.

Enemies in RE also react differently with stun motions, making follow up shots to finish off enemies fast, not a certain possibility, but in Dead Space it's much easier in that regard.

My biggest issue with the demo, both on PS3 and 360, is the fact you cannot reload as you move. This was where Dead Space won in some small way in a survival horror genre competition for controls. It's really annoying in RE to put so much space between you and a boss to go reload a rifle, and in a split second he's already there to chop you up. The areas given to move in within the demo were small too, so if you do give yourself enough space, you tend to corner yourself. I know from other RE games you will be able to upgrade reload times on weapons later on, but even then you will still have to fight the controls to reload efficently.

This game is far from GOTY material from demo content, but wait for the final product to deem it either way. I personally cannot wait to pick it up on my PS3 and have some fun. :D

qface643528d ago

i couldn't agree more for some reason playing the demo although the controls still suck on the ps3 as well they felt much better compared o the 360 version

im not bashing the 360 it just felt worse
mainly the whole side walk thing

nix3528d ago

though i hate HHG and "DLC>Exclusive" guy, i have to agree on this one. i wonder what took these people to capitalise on this topic, and why is there no "?" in the headline? lol.. q:

all the best to those who are going to buy it.
"press square to run"
"press square to jump"

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Helghast Slayer3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

LOL i've said it before and I'll say it again. As long as devs cater to the inferior 360 hardware, this gen will have nothing but gimped last gen games covered in "next gen" coating.

Microsoft Xbox 3603528d ago

Agreed. 360 man does not have anything to counter your statement, so instead, he calls you an idiot.

Helghast Slayer3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

I'm not the least bit surprised. That's the logic of a bot for ya. You'd have a better chance giving birth to a chimp.

nix3528d ago

even the bots in KZ2 are smarter than him.

cryymoar3527d ago

last gen was all joysticks and button mashing.
This generation leap in controllers is motion sensing. Wii and PS3 have it. But i don't understand all of the SIXAXIS hate. I TRULY LOVE THE SIXAXIS AND ALWAYS USE IT WHERE IT IS AVAILABLE! (except warhawk, THAT is hard to use, and SIXAXIS vs joysticks online is suicide.)

Motorstorm 1 & 2: to steer.
Socom: to lean and peak.
Resistance 2: to shake off fire and Chimera.
Lair: the best SIXAXIS experience i've ever had. Used for total flight controls.
LittleBigPlanet: To shake your head and body to do funny dances :"D

SIXAXIS needs more support, i have no problem with it. I don't understand why people are all over the Wii because of the motion sensing, but people laugh at SIXAXIS. Sorry kids but just because it's hard for you to play a hardcore game using all of your reflexes doesn't make it bad. Just practice and train yourself. Who DOESN'T want to be further immersed into the experience?!

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Megaton3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Best looking PS2 game ever made.

Danja3528d ago

ppl seemed to have missed what you were trying to say...

Cartesian3D3528d ago

:) .. they disagree with what ? he's right.. :P

mandf3528d ago

gow2 or ffxll were the best looking game on ps2 hands down. It isn't even debatable.

METtAL-GAMER3527d ago

Sorry but God of War 2 is the best looking ps2 game.RE4 is still awesome though.

Megaton3527d ago

For the 2 dim bulbs above me, I was referring to Resident Evil 5. You know, great graphics, last-gen gameplay, joke about it being a PS2 game? Har har?

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villevalorox3528d ago

I'm not denying anything. But I like it the way it is. I like them controls. I don't mind em one bit. I do hope they give the option of fully customizable controls for the people that do not like it though.

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