Did the Xbox 360 Reach its Limit?

A lot of people say that Xbox has a wide selection of games and has the top quality line ups year after year but if you really think about it, they don't.

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II Necroplasm II3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

So when you started to be a developer for XBox 360 games?

Dimitri3531d ago

In an interview with Gameplayer regarding Red Faction: Guerrilla, producer Rick White claims that they have maxed out the power of the Xbox 360 and have already starting looking towards the Xbox 720 for their next projects. Full interview through the link.

Enough said.

blackbeld3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Agree... Veraegic. They maxed out too the limit's for Gears of war 2 but as you can see..... There is no difference in graphic's with Gears of war 1..

That is the truth... I know i will get many disagree from the bots..

But it's the truth..

n to the b3531d ago

sure it is /sarc. lol what about how no 1 anticipated Shadow of the Colossus or Okami graphics on PS2?? yeah I'm sure we'll never get a better-looking 360 game, it's totally maxed /more sarc.

and of course let's not forget that this is a poorly-written blog by someone with a 5th-grader IQ (u did read the actual 'article', right?).

I think the word they use 4 this on n4g is FAIL?

Consoldtobots3531d ago

"They maxed out too the limit's for Gears of war 2 but as you can see..... There is no difference in graphic's with Gears of war 1."

yet we have to listen to ignorant kids talk about how the 360 GPU pwns the RSX seven ways from Sunday. One is producing hype generating visuals and the other is being read its last rites. Silly wabbits, talking about console technology isn't for kids.

NewZealander3531d ago

has it? well ask sony fans, as usual they have all the answers.

but i guess we will find out when splinter cell conviction and alan wake get released.

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MasFlowKiller3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

their is always ways to make your code more efficient

until MS get some serious 1 first party support, that will continually work on making the tools for 360 games better,

then we wont know wat the console can and cant do

DJ3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

And Microsoft claims it has the best Dev tools in the industry that immediately tapped the console's power. So you're saying they mislead us all this time? That it's capable of a lot more. But that developers are just incapable of utilizing its "hidden power"?

thats_just_prime3531d ago

Its just a dumb a$$ fanboy talkin crap there isnt 1 thing in that article that is true.

There always new way to code and new software to take advantage of hell their are only 2 games out that use euphoria and only 1 game that use DMM. That gives you an idea of how much they can still push both the ps3 and the 360

BRG90003531d ago

NEWS does not:

-Have a question mark in the headline.

-Have the phrase "but if you really think about it..." in the article.

I could go on. Doesn't belong here, or really anywhere people might accidentally read it.

KarIostomy3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Has the 360 reached its limit?


The 360 improves on the limits of its nearest competitor with nearly every Multiplat that is released, including the most recent ones.

It really looks like the 360 limits are just a little bit better than the competition.
So I guess, no, the 360 hasn't reached its limits, if it continues to outperform in so many areas.

But that's just my 2c.

majorsuave3531d ago

Why was this blog even approved?

History thought us that no console reached its limit and stayed on a plateau after a short bit.
PS2 games are still getting better after 10 years and 360 games would if a single 360 remains in working condition in 7 years from now.
Same goes on all platforms.

Lifendz3531d ago

can anyone say that they weren't impressed? Seriously, if the limit is Gears of War 2 then that's a pretty darn good limit. But I doubt that's the case. Alan Wake looks like it'll raise the bar for 360 games and then some game will come along and raise the bar even higher. This happens every gen. Heck, look at MadWorld and you can't help but be impressed with what devs are doing with a glorified gamecube aka The Wii. (Couldn't resist).

UnwanteDreamz3531d ago

I don't even own a 360 and I can tell you games will get better and so will gfx. Like how long have you guys been playing games? Take the last 4 or 5 major consoles and compare thier first gen games to their last.

ActionBastard3531d ago

I dunno. With the 360 going into it's 4th year and Gears 2 looking slightly better than Gears 1, I'm unsure we should expect the types of leaps we've seen from Sony going in it's 3rd year. Year after year, we've seen 1st party PS3 games get better and better looking, while 360 UE3 games relatively remain the same. Fable 2 isn't a graphical powerhouse. Halo 3 isn't. Ninja Gaiden 2 isn't and the only screens we've seen from Alan Wake are PC. Multiplatform games are always going to look the same. MS published/1st party games don't come close to what we've seen with Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, God of War 3 or Killzone 2. Until then, IMO, it's peaked.

Stubacca3531d ago

This stuff is just ridiculous. IT'S A BLOG!!! I'm no fan of the X-box, but this aint really news. These silly "R.I.P 360" and "The PS3 is dying" articles are lame blogs. Not news. This stuff is makin this site so crap I think I might go back to IGN or Gamesradar for ACTUAL gaming news...

FrankenLife3531d ago

Yes it did.

Another article that could have been shortened to a single sentence.

No Way3531d ago

You gots lots of disagrees nd by from what you said, I would say they came from the PS3 fanboys..

But, I guess you rally can't push the PS3 anymore. =)


pixelsword3531d ago

That game is all kinds of sick.

MNicholas3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

The article is utter rubbish but miraculously the premise is correct. The reality is that the 360's performance is pretty much tapped out. The benefit of using a straightforward and familiar architecture is that developers can quickly max out it's performance. The few challenges with 360 development were overcome within the first year. The two big ones were tiling (compare PGR3 and PGR4) and using all three CPU cores without causing horrendous cache misses due to tiny 1MB cache. That's about it. The other bottlenecks and hang-ups are pretty much uncurable. For example, there's only so much you can do with 1MB of cache, particularly if part of it's locked up for streaming.

That's why there has been no improvement in 360 graphics since year 1. What I'd like to see is a 360 game based on the ideas and art-style of the Wii's MadWorld.

phosphor1123530d ago

Just because something is easy to program for doesn't mean its prone from having syntax errors. Java is one of the easiest languages to program for, but even in a small program, it is easy to lost during all the debugging. And no..MS never has the best dev kits. I've used every visual studios, the NXA and I've always found open source dev kits to be so much better, because they don't need to follow MS's always strict rules..

disagree if you want, but you try programming. It's not easy.

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Helghast Slayer3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Yep it's way past it's limits. Several devs have spoken out loud and said the 360 has been maxed out. Lets face it, if the 360 was able to churn out graphically superior games it would have done so starting with Gears 2 but that turned out to be Gears 1.5 even with a dev (EPIC GAMES) who knows the ins-and-outs of the 360 hardware.

The 360 has been out longer than the ps3 so ask yourself why hasn't it seen a substantial amount of graphical growth? Why is the ps3 devastatingly widening the gap when it comes to quality gaming? Why has the ps3 grown so much in such a short amount of time while the 360 has been on the market for nearly 4 years?.

The simple answer is the ps3 has more power and quality devs who know exactly how to develop for the ps3. The 360 isn't going anywhere anytime soon but don't expect the quality in gameplay and graphics of future titles to see an huge lift.

Even GOW3 is proving that the ps3 is a beast with it's (god knows how huge) gigantic titans and what not as a moving level in it self. Now that is what you call EPIC. That is what you call innovation people.

EDIT: To the childish troll who disagreed with my logically correct rant, why don't you post your disagree so we can have a logical debate? ooops.

NaiNaiNai3531d ago

why not post it in the gaming zone then? plus does it matter if the 360 is maxed out, the ps2 hit max after year 2. yet it still continued to sell well. correct me if im wrong, wasn't last gen "graphics don't matter gameplay does" but now its all graphics even if it plays like crap.

N4PS3G3531d ago

its called better devs and new engines ..something MS does not have right now..or maybe is not showing at the moment ..and Sony apparently has too many

and about Gears 2 not being a big jump..neither was Resistance 2 from the first one.. anyways.. Sony does have better 1st party devs...won't argue ..thas why uncharted ..killzone and God of War look good... but don't go so fast .. lets see what the competition can do when they show their guns.. oops

Helghast Slayer3531d ago

Unfortunately you'll be playing that "lets wait and see" game for a very long time. Deal with it, the 360 is at it's peak.

hippo243531d ago

Coming from a man with Helghast in his name means very little.

N4PS3G3531d ago

i'll be playing wait and see ..because the 360 is at it's peak? really?? how do i play with graphics??

Droid Smasha3531d ago

Did you really just call out Gears2?
The game that smashed Waitstations entire holiday lineup. You really are retarded.

Helghast Slayer3531d ago

Hahaha the 360 butt buddies are in full deploy. Looks like a hit a sentitive nerve or two, or three lol. Calm down children there's always hope for Gears 2.5

ps921173531d ago

is that so, the only reason 360 sold well was because price drop and a hell lot of advertisements, subsequently gow2 also sold good but kill ps3 lineup, lol don't joke around.

outlawlife3531d ago

for such a logically correct rant you should know that statement isn't logically possible

you also need to straighten out your "its vs. it's"

the fact is the article sucks, just because a console has supposedly peaked graphically does not mean that it cannot produce amazing games

the guy who wrote it is a idiot

N4PS3G3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

@ helghast slayer

Oh! Didn't you want to have a logical debate with those who didn't agree with you?

and now you are calling butt buddies? whats wrong? this times your butt buddies are not here to help you?

you don't even seem to understand that consoles are not the reason of maxing out graphics... thats where game engines come in///do you think Gears 2 jump in graphics wasn't tha big because of the 360 being maxed out? Didn't you stop and think that the game is running on the same engine as the first game that they updated it a bit?? that was created years ago ?

Do you think Left 4 Dead looks so outdated because the 360 is maxed out? or maybe because Valve's source engine is old..and was created for Half Life 2 on 2004?

reply to me while you keep searching for your buddies pal ;)

Helghast Slayer3531d ago

*sigh* it's been more than 5 replies and so far not a single one of you 12year olds have been able to answer my questions above. I'm really starting to believe you 360 loyalists are a bunch of rabbid 12year old baboons that roam this site.

So much for thinking otherwise.

N4PS3G3531d ago

what a nice way of wasting your last bubble after being proven wrong.... you can reply to my last post if you want ;)

lokiroo4203531d ago


yeah right, it was the gears engine that was maxed, right. then where is there another game that surpasses that? an extra year hasnt done squat, what does that point to? the hardware or software? like what was said where is the growth? ps3 is accelerating forward, 360 is coasting and not much is showing that looks like it is going to change. yeah i know, i know, wait until e3 right, see you then.

ambientFLIER3531d ago

Gears 2 was limited by the engine, not the 360.

ps921173531d ago

halo wars amazing game? l&d amazing game? GeOW2 amazing game? yeah very amazing, anyway, as far as I am concerned M$ does not own Naughty Dog, Team ICO, Santa Monica, Polyphony and Zipper.

N4PS3G3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

@ lokiro

please show all the big games that came out after Gears 2 running on new engines that prove the 360 is maxed out?

That way you could show me how bad and outdated it looks.. oh yeah can't because there isn't any ...when a new big game comes out ..from a good dev ..and a new engine ..and it looks like crap..then come back here ... see you then

lokiroo4203531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

come on 360 had over a year head start, is that all you can say, their progression should be ahead of the ps3, yet all you can say is the engines are dated. over 3 years into the 360 and nothing? the 360 hardware didnt change from the original xbox the way the ps3 did, so whats the excuse? whos to say gears 1 didnt top off the 360, how do you know, maybe gears 2 is as refined as the engine can get, which is more likely since all the box boys suckle the gears ball bag so devoutly.

faulty logic, whos the one going on what ifs and wait and see? who is looking at killzone uncharted god of war and others. an extra year is extra time, doesnt that play into your wait and see argument? really i think you have confused yourself from the walking and talking in circles. is that hard to understand? like i said progression where is it you disgruntled little box boy?

N4PS3G3531d ago

Ill give you my last bubble..for you.

what the fuk does a 1 year of head start means??

Blame the devs for using the same rehashed engines..on their new games..instead of creating something new..if thats so hard for you to understand ...refining an engine is not the same using a new one.. built up from the ground.. when the Unreal engine 4 gets out will understand. Can't try to explain this if you don't wanna believe...whatever..use your faulty logic and amaze the world with your stupidity.

Godmars2903531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

God of War 2 says hi...

And I know you probably don't know the game, but the differences between Super Robot Wars OG and Z are pretty major.

Graphics Whore3531d ago

N4PS3, no offense but you got some really weak arguments.

n to the b3531d ago

Helghast Slayer u have once again proven yourself to be nothing but an ignorant turd. N4PS3G is right u say want to have a nice logical discussion and instead counter his well-made reply with nothing but name-calling. bubbles down 4 u and bubbles up 4 N4PS3G.

edgeofblade3531d ago

Don't try to pass your opinions off as "logically correct". That's an insult to both logic and correctness.

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outlawlife3531d ago

this is 3 paragraphs of nothing

seriously, i've seen better articles come from hiphopgamer

Lelouch V Brit3531d ago

Agree, This Article is Trash.

IdleLeeSiuLung3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

That is a complete waste of time. I wish there was a feature on this site similar to how you can ignore users, you can ignore clicks on links to other site like this one.

Complete waste of time....

actually, it looks like hiphopgamer approved this article... lol

lokin3531d ago

yawn. here is my take(blog) on it. 360 is a wonderful gaming machine (as is the ps3). and i rock. end of story

Lifendz3531d ago

maybe he wrote it under an alias. You know, just to see if people are biased against him and not his articles.

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hippo243531d ago


Wheres the rest of the was like 3 paragraphs and cited glitches as the major problem for the 360.

Dont worry about hardware or supported titles, glitches are the new measure of a game.