Where's Hardware 2? (The Announced PS3 Exclusive)

TheGamingPlanet Writes: "A while back a website that were all familiar of called "PlayStation LifeStyle" posted a huge announcement on a PS3 exclusive game that we don't know much about. I mean where is it, and does the game actually exist?"


fixed some wording and grammar, this article was done late at night hope you guys understand.

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trancefreak3581d ago

Maybe Sev can tell us if there is something to tell. I think personally it was all bs.

BTW what happened to siligon. that dude played himself and now hes playing a disappearing act lol. VGTILT ah yes was suppose to be getting a web page upgrade.

Kain813581d ago

Silogon....a ego lover maybe, i dont know.

Freak of Nature3581d ago

How about the game the BBC reporter raved about Months and months ago?

Team Ico's game?

How about Beyond good and evil 2? Almost a year since they have shown anything?

Oddworld inhabitants Citizen Siege Movie/game tie in,where is it?

The next Jak game,is it just rumor?

The next PS360 Kingdom hearts?

These are all my most anticipated games,and the waiting game continues...

3581d ago
thor3581d ago

I think here's what happened:

Sev gets exclusive info from one of his insiders in the industry
He promises to show it on a certain date
He upsets a lot of his friends/contacts
Instead of showing what he was going to show, he makes up something to save face
Then his website starts doing more general articles/speculation/features rather than insider stuff

He upset a lot of people I'm guessing by trying to show that exclusive. Sony has their own plans about when they want to show stuff - and random websites getting insider info spoils those plans so they're not going to be best pleased.

As for the BBC game, well, I suspect that he was just shown a trailer for a game that may/may not come to fruition. It was probably a pre-rendered scene from something in development. There have been loads of games shown and then cancelled, so this game might not be any different.

jammy_703581d ago

sooner or later

im sure

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mercenarie3581d ago

to the new vgtilt but sadly the creator hasn't updated his page.. it might be due to him saying he would be back with exclusive images and what not of a game.. forgot what it was.

Blasphemy3581d ago

It was never officially announced just some rumor started by some no name site for hits.

peeps3581d ago

Would be nice to see a second although the first obviously didn't sell well considering they started giving copies free with every central station disc (in eu anyway dunno about US), guessing because most didn't know and still don't know to this day that you could take a ps2 online!

The first was quite good fun but it was very very basic imo

Panipal20053581d ago

The site’s called Playstation LIEstyle for a reason.

The Hardware 2 debacle was that reason.

Basically Sev the chief PS LIEstyler promised exclusive pictures of Hardware 2 to be shown on a certain date. When that date rolled around, and the pictures were not in evidence, he turned around and basically said the dog ate his homework.

After that he busied himself with scrubbing every trace of the not-unexpected backlash. Every complaint, no matter how mild was deleted, and every complainer banned. His justification for this was if you were disappointed at his not keeping his promises you were just a hater.

Sev remains a class act to this day.

SixTwoTwo3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

2.40 FW leak ring a bell?

Sev3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Congrats Panipal on opening your own site. I am sure you have been waiting for this day.

I already responded to Hardware 2 before, and I will not again.

Nice to see that this "Thegamingplanet" is full of integrity calling out another gaming site.

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