GameSpy: Star Ocean: Second Evolution Review

Japanese RPGs are filled with cliches. That's just the way it is. A young man -- usually a teenager -- somehow winds up getting charged with a quest to save the world. We've seen it many times before, and Star Ocean: Second Evolution is no exception. The game is not, however, without fresh elements that make it engaging and enjoyable (or at least they were fresh when the game was originally released in 1999). As you play through as one of the two protagonists, you'll quickly find that there's a whole lot more here than meets the eye.

* Fantastic battle system
* Deep gameplay
* Decent replay value

* Some visual blemishes
* Tons of cliches
* Load times can be tedious

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ceedubya93527d ago

I thought this was The Last Hope. That's what I get for glancing over the title:).

Regardless, I do have this game. Once you get past the REALLY slow start with all of the talking, then it gets better. Should definitely get a lot out of this game over a long period of time.

SaiyanFury3527d ago

It's a great game, I've been playing it since day one and I'm finally getting close to the end.

On another note, I frequently hear people complain about load times and how the game wasn't "updated" like First Departure. Well about the load times, it's only a couple of seconds how short has the human attention span gotten in recent years? 5 seconds for a load time isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, and that's one of the longest loading times in the game. Secondly, it was easy to update First Departure and remake it using Star Ocean 2's game engine. To "update" Second Evolution, they would've had to move up to Star Ocean 3's graphics engine. Considering that's a much newer and more graphically intense game, that would be quite an undertaking. Personally, I'm glad Second Evolution wasn't updated. It has the right look and the right feel of a PS1 RPG.

The only nitpick I have with the game is there's too much voice acting. I'm capable of reading much faster than the characters vocalise, and can get through text much faster than waiting for the characters to say their piece. Also I prefer the original voice actors, they just sounded more right to me. But aside from that minor nitpick I love this game, and now I have it on the go! :D

eagle213527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

PSP has the first two classic SO's.

testerg353527d ago

and 360 SO > PS3 SO... oops sorry.. PS3 doesn't have one.

3sq3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

and testerg35=fail

Oh by the way keep SO exclusive for 360, don't port that piece of garbage to PS3. It'll only make PS3 looks bad.

RPG (RPGamer) of the year=Valkyria Chronicles... opppss sorry 360 doesn't have one.

ceedubya93527d ago

How can you say which one is greater? SO4 hasn't been released yet as far as I know. And with that being the case, we can't really call it garbage yet either. And someone just had to bring the PS3 into this.
This is why the "Gamer Zone" is such a joke.

3sq3527d ago

Alright Mr. not-a-joke (yeah I'm looking at you). Good luck playing the garbage then. As for me I'll enjoy playing SO 2nd Evolution the best SO ever created.

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eagle213527d ago

I don't care about 360 SO4.

mastiffchild3527d ago

I doubt that the new SO will either be 360 exclusive for ever OR quite up to the standard of the stellar first two. Nothing against the 360 it just seems to me that most JRPG's of late have lacked something and the sales don't justify the dev costs on 360 exclusive JRPG's.
That said I don't think SO4 will be as poor as The Last Remnant was(which, again, will probably come and stink the place up on PS3 pretty soon as well)though it'll have to go some to be as joyful as VC was(-another game which needs a multi release if we're to ever get another as NOBODY played it and they really should have as it's better than pretty much everything of a similar vein of the past year or so. Though IDK how many 360 owners will want it either.

Baka-akaB3527d ago

Game reviewers are filled with cliches. That's just the way it is. A guy full of bias against jrpgs -- usually a WRPG player -- somehow winds up getting charged with the task of reviewing a jrpg . We've seen it many times before, and most reviews site or magazine are no exception.

Joking but sadly true for most of the time . Clichés are everywhere , get over it