GameSpy: Street Fighter IV Review

GameSpy already sees themselves teetering on the edge of total commitment, to the extent that they're seriously considering dropping money on one of those high-end MadCatz arcade sticks. If you're anything like them, then Street Fighter IV is certainly worth your money, and more significantly, your time. Old habits die hard, and muscles evidently have a long memory. Get ready to fight for days.

* Nuanced gameplay accessible to experts and beginners alike

* Training-style options a bit below par

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Foxgod3531d ago

Training style options below par ?
Theres a whole challenge mode where you are spoonfed with loads of combo's to try out.

Aquanox3531d ago

Highest rated game of 2009 so far. Well deserved.

killax35633531d ago

No wonder the guy writes for Gamespy (a 2nd rate videogame website, worse than gamespot).

likeaboss3023531d ago

Best fighting game I've played in years. Rose has a little ShamWow action for you!

JimmyHACK3531d ago

Sure it's nothing new, but it's done well enough to be fun.

I'm just curious where the "not innovative" comments are for this games review... that's probably something for open zone though :)