GamerDad Review: Loco Roco 2

GamerDad writes: "The sequel to one of the most beloved PSP games is finally here! The blobby Loco Rocos' planet is being invaded yet again by those nasty Mojas. But this time, the Mojas have a new weapon: a special song that, when sung, puts everyone into a deep blue funk. Now it's up to the Loco Roco blobs to beat those mean ol' Mojas again and make the planet happy once more. The Loco Roco can chase away your blues, too! Just read the review:

Just as in the first game, you don't directly control the Loco Roco. Tilt the whole world left and right by pressing the L and R buttons to send the Loco Roco rolling in that direction. Press both at the same time and the Loco Roco will jump. Press the circle button to make your Loco Roco split up into tiny blobs to fit into small spaces, and hold the circle button down to make them join into one big blob again."

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