EA to blacklist users of leaked Northern Strike files

For those of you who haven't heard, several days ago EA confirmed a leak in which client files for the upcoming booster pack, Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike, were found circulating on the internet. Now EA is attempting to stop the leak by blacklisting server IP's which have been found to be using the leaked Northern Strike map. The news came from our server partner, Branzone, who urged customers to remove any Northern Strike maps from their server to avoid problems.

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sovietsoldier4271d ago

ea is lame,just like how they busted people balls over the bf2 unlockable weapon severs. ea needs to stop telling people what to do and to stop putting out garbage addons at high prices!

Keyser4271d ago

This may be the moral high road but cheating and getting the goods before someone else is how the mafia operates not most respectable gamers. Everyone should get the opportunity to play at the same time. People who steal and cheat should get blacklisted. Do the crime, do the time. You know the risks...