GDC 2007: Sneak Peek (Xbox 360)

While Microsoft's bald and fast-talking visionary J Allard won't be speaking as this year's Game Developer's Conference keynote speech, Microsoft will show up in a big way. On Tuesday, March 6, Microsoft's Developer Conference Suite will feature a handful of 45-minute demos of this year's pre-eminent role-playing games from BioWare's Mass Effect and Lionhead's Fable 2 to Mistwalker's Blue Dragon. New builds of big-name titles Forza Motorsport 2 and Age of Conan will be shown as well as a handful of Xbox Live Arcade games. Prepare for new details, all of which are attainable at IGN's GDC 2007 index.

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power of Green 4246d ago

Holy God Xbox has nice looking titles i can't wait to see all the latest builds of games so it will humble PS3 fans, here's looking at you Forza! and maybe Too Human.

Cant believe that pic above looks like that.

BrotherSic4246d ago

looking forward to some actual news instead of rumour and speculation. I think Fable 2 could be the surprise title out the list above