IGN: Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop Update

Frank West, the ugliest videogame hero ever, is back to take down zombies any way he can on the Wii. Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop is set to ship next week and IGN has been putting the port of the Xbox 360 game through the motions. This is almost the same game 360 owners played, with a few features, erm, chopped off and at least one major component added. And as always, Wii owners get a truly incredible feature that no other console can provide: waggle!

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Louievillesluggns3532d ago

if you buy this then dont bit** about 3rd parts dev. keep making sh**ty port on the wii ..............example the spiderman cartoon of the 90's is the HD console and the new spiderman is the wii I thought a port was to be the same or better but maybe I'm "crazy"

that was a sh**y examlpe no fanboy need to talk to me until they own a sega nomad if you dont know what that is then real dont that to me and if you dont know what a real super scope 6 and stop wasting money on vc game that came out on nintendo and snes go get a fc twin and some games its cheaper I aint talking bout s*** I'm bored I should get back to work anyway holla