Still Waiting for OLED TV's

The Sony XEL-1 OLED TV is a beautiful display. Its contrast ratio makes pictures pop, it's thinner than a credit card, but with an 11-inch screen, it's too small, and at $2,500, too expensive.

But it's been a year since it was introduced in January 2008, and as of today, it still has no competitors. Where are they?

Though we've been long promised that the era of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs is just around the corner, it appears we're going to have to wait even longer. The major players in electronics who have the resources to build OLED TVs have been whacked by the global financial meltdown along with the rest of us. In other words, the timing to jump-start a brand new TV technology is terrible.

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KrazyFace5219d ago

But like the article says, I think we're a long way from seeing this technology in action. What I want to know is, where's my hologram TV? It's waaaaaaaaay past the year 2000, Tomorrow's World lied to me. ; P

rekonizakilla5219d ago

If you ask me, We should have delayed the year 2000 until hover boards are released. Marty Mcfly would be soooooooo disappointed with us.

Doctor_Doom5219d ago (Edited 5219d ago )

I want Laser TV

_Q_5219d ago

Laser is over priced anyway. Mitsubishi didnt deliver on its promise to make it stupid affordable. $6000 is ridiculous

stevenhiggster5219d ago

It's a bummer about this damn credit crunch crap. OLED tv's look the shizzle!

jlemdon5219d ago

I want me OLEDZ 47 inch style.:S

_Q_5219d ago

Being able to mount your tv on the wall will double sided tape. XD

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