5 reasons why killzone 2 wont be the next halo

Killzone 2 will be a major hit, but will it even live up to the expectations of halo?

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Says you3531d ago

Campaign was mediocre and didn't look nothing like the trailer they showed at E3 2003 but the multiplayer saved it from the gutter but Halo 3 Killed it even more considering it had nothing new to the gameplay same boring crap and Halo 3 is actually Halo 3.2 Killzone 2 actually has surpassed the Halo series in terms of gameplay and graphics in every possible way considering it surpassed the trailer unlike Halo 3 trailer using CGI.

Helghast Slayer3530d ago

Another good point mate. Why was the Killzone2 CGI trailer scrutinized but the ridiculous Halo3 CGI trailer never got mentioned.

Killzone2 actually surpassed the e3 2005 trailer in certain areas, and yet the halo3 graphics looks like a ps2 game. Why did the media magically forget to elaborate on that lie from M$+Bungie? Anyone?

That's what i thought. I say f#ck the media.

thebudgetgamer3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

i just want a fun game in witch i can tea-bag my friends


Violater3530d ago

1) No little purple telletubies
2) No ray guns
3) No ninja sword DLC
4) No floaty physics
5) No well organized marketing.

GiantEnemyCrab3530d ago

Well said Budget! It doesn't have to be the next Halo, just a great game.

Carbide73530d ago

Hahaha, no.
Killzone 2 is not the next halo
Killzone 2 is the next Killzone

The next Halo needs to be the new Killzone, good luck with that.

UnwanteDreamz3530d ago

Bubbles to Budget and Crab for squashing the BS in the first 10 comments....the fanpeople are gonna have a field day when this gets approved.

You know it will....

arika3530d ago

i agree that killzone 2 wont be another halo because the halo series are games that has been exaggeratedly hyped but was not as good people have hoped for, but with killzone 2 it was also hyped but probably is the only game that will go above and beyond the hype that the media have created(halo killer), so there lies the difference.

can't wait 10 more days to go till lift off.

JhawkFootball063530d ago

Article makes sense, espiciallly the advertising point

Bathyj3530d ago

Why cant these "journalist" go take a running jump. Do they have to keep fanning the flames, only to turn around and say fanboys keep comparing KZ to Halo.

I for one am glad its nothing like Halo. Its a game in the same genre, thats it.

This is almost as bad as the days when every single FPS was still called a Doom clone.

I guess the latest tennis game (whatever it might be) running at 60fps in 1080p, pushing 100's of thousands of polygons with dynamic lighting, ball physics, cloth physics, self shadowing charactors that sweat is nothing more than a Pong clone.

N4360G3530d ago

Killzone 2 will be better than Halo,much more fun and realistic.

eagle213530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

I'm ready to be entertained. :)

Bits-N-Kibbles3530d ago

because it is beyond it.

8 Days.

rroded3530d ago

yep true nough

n ya true its not halo but common that games way past prime while kz2 is now...

Omegasyde3530d ago

in Socom Confrontation you can dance over your enemies + Tee bag + talk smack + Hump them.

The best part of it is, you can do it all simultaneously while talking smack.

Everyone knows, Microsoft has Halo and Sony has Socom :)

Side note: Socom Confrontation is not really a Ps3 formatted socom, but a Socom that happens to be a sequel, made in 2008 which is backward compatible with all ps3 around the world.

GameGambits3530d ago

Carb and Budget just won the internet with their comments.

I wish Bungie and all other FPS developers a lot of luck in surpassing Killzone 2's well done polishing of the FPS genre.

Gantrfaxx3530d ago

Thank god it won't be the next Halo. Halo is overhyped mediocre crap.
Thank Sony and Guerrilla for Killzone 2.

SL1M DADDY3530d ago

What I do want is another game that will rival COD4 since that is what I play now. Halo was lost for me after number two. Three just didn't hold my attention like two did.

StephanieBBB3530d ago

"They" make FUD articles like this :)

spandexxking3530d ago

lol check out the poll on this site! seriously is that 3rd answer just to detect trolls?

ThanatosDMC3530d ago

Why? "cuz it's better than halo"

Amnesiac3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

For some reason my pic won't show up...

Anyways, LOL @ Halo.

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christian hour3530d ago

Oh let it GO will you. How many cloned articles of the same damn thing time and time again do we need to see? Let's just all come back down to earth and sit comfortable and enjoy some video games.

Rex70003530d ago

stop comment on them u only encourage them

r3xmund13530d ago

Killzone 2 is Killzone 2.... It's not trying to be anything but an amazing, solid and gorgeous shooter with a great multi player (finished the game and played in the BETA)... The only problem is that its not on Xbox 360 and it kills people like the writer of this 'blog'.

Get over it.

christian hour3529d ago

exonkly r3x!!

I'm just glad i have more than 1 nex gen console and that I get to enjoy everything both sides of the fence each side has to offer. So many great games have come my way :D On either console! But none have looked as good as killzone 2. I'm just gonna throw that in there. Because thats how much its graphics have impressed me. That i'll go against my usual ethics and boast about a game.

Voozi3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

"“Master chief” is an iconic character, heck he is even on the cover of all the halo games."

*Looks at Halo Wars cover*


GiantEnemyCrab3530d ago

Master Chief isn't even in Halo Wars. You are just looking at Spartan armor and thinking it's Master Chief. And yes they all look the same with armor on. haha

I do think he is on the cover of Halo 3 however, unless that's just another Spartan. Need to look again.

Voozi3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

I'm quoting what was said in the article silly & replying to it lol

GiantEnemyCrab3530d ago

Ohhhh. Well, I guess I am just more confused than usual. lol

Voozi3530d ago

Whats funny now is, he changed what was originally said there if you go check lol, it now reads "heck he is even on the cover of almost all the halo games."

Added in that "almost" lol

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Helghast Slayer3530d ago

We don't want a halo killer. We want a killzone1 killer. And people wonder where these flaimbait articles rear from. Killzone2 will be a awesome game and will be the pinnacle of quality "Next Gen" shooter that future games will have to live up to.

The 360 extremists are just finding ways to avoid the obvious. Sales does not = quality. Ps3 owners have been saying this for a long time but it seems that is all the 360 loyalist have to hold on to.

All their other arguments have been crashed lol. In a funny way they are actually giving KZ2 free press and public promotion lol.

Droid Smasha3530d ago

Haze is a killzone1 killer lol.

hippo243530d ago

Killing a game that was already dead and that was advertised as a halo killer is a confusing beast to kill.

Cant we just stick with "being a good or even great game"

This killing shenanigans is asinine.

cryymoar3530d ago

is a Cinematic Theater of War.

Halo never was.

Killzone 2 wasn't meant to kill Halo, blame the media for that allegation.
So xbots, no more saying that WE said it was a Halo killer, it was your biased media that said that to start a flame war.