Madden NFL 10 will the front cover be the only change to the game?

The question comes to mind after buying all those Madden titles and seeing that they only have one new feature. Year after year Madden makes little improvements but overall, the presentation is always average. When you win the Super Bowl, it doesn't feel like you've won anything at all. The online is roughly the same just more polished but we still receive a considerable amount of lag. Graphics have been updated but nothing like the E3 trailer back in 06; the graphics unfortunately, seem to have peaked.

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dktxx23555d ago

They've already mentioned the new player awareness thing. Thats is actually the 1 biggest problem madden has had since it went 3d.

outlawlife3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

i dont know about you but to me there was a clear and marked difference visually from even 08 to 09

Omegasyde3555d ago

What detailed grass and Footprints in Snow?

Those were the only major differences besides roster and playbook updates.

I buy Maddens every 2~3 years.

Grown Folks Talk3555d ago

just bring back the ambulance that runs guys over while picking up the injured players.

mega BIG time3555d ago

i'm one of the people that wont be buying an NFL game until it looks, smells, and tastes different than the Madden i'm used to. R.I.P. 2K!

Panthers3555d ago

They need to quit making Madden ever year and start making them like every 3 years. Then they could have a paid DLC every year for updates to the game.

II Necroplasm II3555d ago

Yes that would be the best thing to do. I wish they would have done it like Call of Duty so the game would have 2 years of development like have EA and Visual Concepts make them then each game would be better by them having to out do each other to make the better game like it use to be.

locos853555d ago

They would never do that. There is too much money made selling the game every year. They always sell a ton. Just like FIFA

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