Gamepro: God of War III Q&A

To say that God of War III looked impressive its its debut last week would be an understatement. But God of War III's director Stig Asmussen calls the current showing a mere "snapshot" of the final game and promises that God of War III will be "even better months from now." We sat down with the new director and God of War visionary to learn new secrets about Kratos's epic battle against the Greek gods.

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Gamer60563534d ago

can't wait till this game comes out

rhood0223533d ago

After I saw this new trailer on Friday, I sat down and played through GOW 1 and 2 again. Then I was sad that I have to wait a while to play 3.

Danja3533d ago

how awesome would it be if we go to fight the Titans also in GOW3....closest thing we can get to reliving SOTC...:)

Miraak82 3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

An Epic Franchise, Ah man they need more sex mini games, those just give a good laugh when u play them, and what would a GOW game be w/o some of the best modeled virtual boobs around, just wouldn't be the same :p

-EvoAnubis-3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

A: Damn right it does!

Edit: *chuckles* Go away, V.

zeph943534d ago


supahbad3534d ago

AND to break necks, i've said it a bajillion times, i think that will be cool.

rhood0223533d ago

I can see it

"Kratos has an enemy on the ground. He is kneeing it in the back with a firm two-handed grip on the enemy's head. The enemy is desperately trying to break the grip. You tap the "O" button until there is a prompt for the player to make a quick upward jerk with the controller. Snap!"

DJ3533d ago

You gotta thrust your sixaxis in the air...with Technique.

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