Star Ocean IV Game Informer Review (Scan)

Scan from Game Informers review of Star ocean IV
"The Last Hope is plagued by a number of problems, but if you can invest the time needed for this game to blossom (thats a big if), the combat system and mysterious plot reward you well for your time"
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George Sears3556d ago

Typical SO point deductions. Story is semi good but gameplay top notch.

Chris3993556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

A.) Rushed development times and a general lack of the "quality" that many older gamers associate them with.

B.) This continued push for "westernization" in JRPGs. The whole concept seems at odds with itself. If people wanted a Western RPG, they would play Oblivion.

Only good JRPGs I've played this gen: Folklore, Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia (though it was really just Tales of the Abyss in HD, let's be honest) and Valkyria Chronicles.

Not one title on that list from SquareEnix. They've lost their mojo. And I don't think that porting DS games to the Wii (FF: CC) or 14 y/o SNES carts is really helping their consumer image much (to those that care, not mom and pop, who will buy a turd so long as it has the appropriate label).

Edit: @ Kigmal. Yes, I did play them; decent games, each one. I was referring to "main" console JRPGs - PS3, 360, Wii - and should have been more specific :) Oh, and I'm pretty sure that World Ends With You was only published by SquareE; they had no hand in the development (someone linked something to that effect in a post the other day). But you're right, handhelds certainly haven't disappointed this gen at all as far as JRPGs go.

Liquid Dust3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Well put my friend, my thoughts exactly.

I think they are relying way to heavily on Tri-ace, a developer that just cant get the hang of this gens technology, look at infinite undiscovery, but heck, even internal development for games such as Last Remant shows rocky and awkward development for engines that western developers use (unreal engine). This sudden need to "tap" the US market is unnecessary, US gamers like myself were already enjoying JRPGs just the way they were

I would actually "seek out" JRPGs just for that certain style that was different than american style RPGs like oblivion.

I want the feeling that Xenogears, Chrono Cross,Vagrant Story, Brave Fencer Musashi gave. They just had the right stuff.

- Ghost of Sparta -3556d ago

Another piss poor RPG from Tri-Ace. Color me surprised...not.

Bnet3433556d ago

Chris, did you play Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and The World Ends With You on the DS? Both two good JRPG's from Square this gen. I didn't like Crisis Core because it was like KH but I bet PSP owners were happy for getting it no?

pippoppow3556d ago

JRPG games shouldn't try so hard to please western fans. They should do what they know best. Sure it's nice to infuse different styles but not at the expense of foregoing the core essence of what makes one great. It's like how anime has that certain flair and style that is totally different from western cartoons. I for one can appreciate the differences of products from around the world and value it's variety.

jav09183556d ago

listens to the game informer issues.......

Immortal Kaim3556d ago

Since when did one review determine whether the game was good or not?

I have excepted the fact that JRPG's will never get the recognition they deserve from 'expert' reviewers. Most of them bashed Lost Odyssey and that turned out to be one of my Favourite games this gen.

So I will wait and see...not for more reviews, but for my own experience from the game, I suggest you guys do the same.

no_more_trolling3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

the best person whose reviews i trust

BlindMonkey3556d ago

It really seems like the portable consoles are getting all the good rpg's lately.

The Lazy One3556d ago

how much better the dialog would be with a better translation. It sounded like the complaints about the dialog weren't in famitsu.

I'm curious how it compares. The one in that picture is pretty horrible though lol.

N4360G3556d ago

LOL I knew from the beginning that Star Ocean IV on the Xbox 360 would be average.


Kigmail has a point. Square maybe have fall in consoles, but it's pushing forward portables (maybe too much, and there the lack of resources to put good consoles JRPGs out?).

That said, we all know that this would be in much points (gameplay, animations and art style, just to say a few) an enhanced version of SO3, which most of the media desliked, so no surprise the score is low, be it Square/Tri-Ace not geting it right or not.

I don't remember GI review on SO3 and this is one of my "still most of the time trustable" review sources, but I know it's very possible they have disliked the game and I, in the other hand, loved it.

Bad scores won't push me away from SO4, be it I have to wait 'till a PS3 version or wait 'till I can get my hands on a 360.

Danja3556d ago

SO3 had the same probs with a some-what crappy/ confusing story but the combat systems was top im not really surprised here....but im a big RPG fan and this game can't be missed IMO...

GameGambits3556d ago

All I know is from the scan it says the first 3 hours are the real knock off of SO4. It also has poor voice acting.

That's not enough to discourage me in a game that will be 70+ hours of gameplay if you explore and do the extra dungeons. That's about 1/20th of the game. While I do feel Star Ocean Till the End of Time completely ruined the series with letting you know it's all in a virtual world/videogame/Matrix, I don't feel I would write this JRPG series out. The majority of the fun in these games is the battle systems and challenge in bonus dungeons.

JRPG fans won't skip on this I'm sure, but there has yet to be a game this generation to convince a friend who isn't a RPG fan to become one. Hopefully FF13 or FF13VS will do the trick... or a new KH game... or by some alignment of moons and planets a 3rd Chrono game gets released lol.

AAACE53556d ago

I just got this issue and read it a few hours ago, and I knew that there would be a post on here about it.

People put alot of pressure on SE, when in reality, 80% of their games are mediocre, and people just make themselves like them! SE (while they were seperate) made alot of games in the past, but most only remember their great feats. I remember some of their...uh... we'll say, "Low quality" games that most people ingored and never knew existed.

BTW, did you guys read that interview with the dude from IBM, who is talking about how they made the CELL and 360 chip basically the same? It raised alot of questions in my mind! Hopefully it can kill some of the fanboyism in here.

gaffyh3556d ago

Tri-Ace has been rushing development this gen A LOT. I'm still going to get this game, because it looks like their best game in a long while. 7/10 is still pretty decent, but honestly I did expect a bit better

SL1M DADDY3556d ago

JRPG's for their Japanese flavor and since these Japanese developers have started to make their games with the Western flavors, I have lost a little interest in them. If I want to play a Western RPG, I will look no further than Bethesda and the like. When I want a good JRPG, it's getting tough to find one that is reminiscent of the days of old.

NeoBasch3555d ago

Do what I do. Forget the big publishers; go small. There a plenty of JRPGs available on PS2 and the handhelds. Matter of fact, Persona 4 is fast becoming my favorite game of all time, replacing its predecessor Persona 3 FES. When the SMT series hits the next-gen(PS3/360/Wii) I expect it to make quite a big splash. For now, stick with those games, and hopefully we can ride this thing out.

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pwnsause3556d ago

if this is the score that this game has received then JRPGs are officially in the S**ter right now. a damn shame.

tplarkin73556d ago

Sqeenix has fallen. Nothing from them has been good since FFVII. Kingdom Hearts was ok. They haven't innovated at all. They are doomed.

ZeroBlitz3556d ago

I'm agreeing with you that the problem is Square-Enix at the moment but claiming that their last good game was FFVII is bull. They've released loads of great games since FF7; it's the last few years (and primarily in the introduction of 'next-gen gaming') where they've let us down.

But... it makes a certain amount of sense that we're hardly seeing any JRPGs from other companies considering how PS3/360 games need huge budgets and developers would rather go with the easy option of making another FPS that they know will sell.

lonestarmt3556d ago

actually no. Valkyrie chronicles, persona 4, and dragon quest IV all have been fantastic and above expectations. However Next gen Jrpgs have been lacking, hopeing white knight story turns it around, but disegea 3 and Valkyrie chronicles both have been surburb. Too bad Square is rushing poorly developed titles out the door and ruining JRPGS as a whole.

PooEgg3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

It is a score of 7.8 (which is pretty darn close to an 8 in my book). Heck, if it actually got a low 7 I would buy it, a 7 is not a bad review, people need to lighten up.

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Zeus Lee3556d ago

Yeah,I'm starting to believe the "Ps3 gets Team A while 360 gets Team B" claims.

N4PS3G3556d ago

What's Team A ? White Night Chronicles ? oh please.... it looks like ..both system have games from Team B this time around

SexyPrawns3556d ago

White Knight Chronicles is incredible! Don't put it with this crap...

DrJones3556d ago

Star Ocean's graphics are far superior to White knight chronicles.
And that's a blatant FACT. If you deny it you must suffer from some sort of chimp syndrome.

DrJones3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Surely you must have seen the screenshots of both games, or seen gameplay videos? Star Ocean has very high res textures on the ground and on the characters. It has dynamic self shadowing and a very shiny and polished look to a lot of it's surfaces.
The lighting is also very beautiful and helps to further promote the details in the game world and it's characters and monsters.
It is also running in 720p and has a very sharp and clear picture. Surely you must have seen this with your own eyes?
White Knight Chronicles on the other hand doesn't seem to have spent as much time on many of these small and finer details. Making it seem a bit more "muffled" in my opinion. It is still a fine looking game, but surely doesn't match the visual polish of Star Ocean 4.
If you disagree i am very curious on how it is possible to disagree with this, as it seems like completely logical truth.
I am no xbox360 fanboy, i am a ps3 fanboy, but I still can use my eyes and good sense.

iamtehpwn3556d ago

White Knight Chronicles runs at a full 60fps at 1080p. In terms of Polygons, they're roughly the same, though SO4 has better textures.

They're both technically pretty good.

gambare3556d ago

"What's Team A ? White Night Chronicles ? oh please.... it looks like ..both system have games from Team B this time around "

Valkyria chronicles, Folklore, White knight AAA titles says hi

Xanatos3556d ago

What teams are u talking about? SquareEnix did not make White Knight Chronicles. But I do agree the best SquareEnix developers are hard at work on their flag ship titles Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy Versus 13, no doubt about it.

The Lazy One3556d ago

I don't think anybody major is working on versus right now. Almost everyone is working on getting XIII out before worrying about versus.

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Zeus Lee3556d ago

This game doesn't even have Online?

mintaro3556d ago

RPG's typically don't have online modes so it's not that surprising.

Lucreto3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

The only game I can think of off hand that has online is White Knight Chronicals.

@xbox360achievements - Yes you are right enchanted arms does have online but it seems pretty dead though.

xbox360achievements3556d ago

And Enchanted Arms did I do believe.

No Way3556d ago

What is the online like for White Knight Chronicles? Some sort of gameplay? Or just online components?

lonestarmt3556d ago

@ no way

The online on white knight is pretty cool. You create your one character and do side quests in the world established in the main game. Think of it has a neat MMO add on to extend the length of the game.

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