Cuts Hit X-Play, Show Drops to Thrice Weekly

Kotaku writes: Deep cuts have hit G4's flagship show X-Play, sources tell us, and the five-day-a-week program has been cut back to three times a week.

G4 has provided us with the following statement, confirming the scheduling change, as well as staff cuts:

'G4 is returning AOTS and X-Play to their former production schedules and, starting March 2nd, AOTS will air 4 originals per week and X-Play 3 originals per week. While the company does not comment on personnel matters, we can confirm that producing fewer episodes has resulted in a decrease in staff. Savings resulting from this move will go directly towards producing more original programming in 2009. This is not a budget cut. G4 remains dedicated to these core franchises.'"

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thebudgetgamer3530d ago

you got to find somewhere to air more episodes of cops and cheaters.


MAR-TYR-DOM3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

looks like Microsoft's checks are getting a little smaller these days ;)

joking aside, i feel sorry for the people who lost their jobs, i hope they find a new one very fast during these tough times.

LoVeRSaMa3530d ago

I bet it wasnt due to the credit crunch, but afew employees were found sleeping with 360's and had to be fired as it caused akwardness in the work place.

morganfell3530d ago

G4 a technology channel? Who approved this tripe? Any semblance of technology died when Leo left. Kevin and his crew are so busy attempting to be hip and funny they miss the mark and instead are only annoying.

Just die already G4. The death of Xplay is a good place to start. Good riddance to Sessler. His soapbox stems from an overinflated sense of self importance. It will be a good day when he and his no talent hack hooker sidekick are history.

Enigma_20993529d ago

X-Play was the only thing left that was worth watching... I'd rather they canned Attack of the Show!

morganfell3529d ago

Xplay is the best of the worst. That is hardly a compliment. Xplay has actually been a disservice to the gaming community. As the best of the worst the death of that show will insure G4 augers into the ground in a firey egotistical crash.

Droid Smasha3529d ago

Its ok I know alot of fanboys are still butthurt they got called out by the Sessman last week LOL. So they are happy they will get to see less of him.

morganfell3529d ago

Believe what you will but you are wrong. Sessler and his refugee from pole dancing are not being reduced because they are insightful beacons of game analysis. Their schedule isn't being cut because they are wildly popular. Instead the public is realizing their supposed journalism is little more than overbearing self righteous opinionated trash.

Nonsense 4 Gamers3529d ago

I HATE the new X-Play! The new version does like 2 reviews a week! I like their reviews cus they're pretty funny but they never review anymore. I have a TiVo and I record AOTS and X-Play everyday but for the past like 3 months I never watch AOTS but if I do I just skim through it to find the 3 minute segment I'm interested in. I haven't watches X-Play since November cus their show is not interesting! I want reviews! I still don't get why G4 isn't in HD. They review HD games but only broadcast in poor SD. They say at the end of the show "Go to to see all of todays game footage in HD.". WTF just air the damn shows in HD! Stupid G4.

I guess new programming like video game reviews is in low demand, but viewers can't enough 1998 episodes of Cops and Cheater.

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pippoppow3530d ago

Maybe if X-play weren't so damn bias they would have a larger audience. It's nice to have a video game show to watch but it seems like they are pushing the 360 brand throughout most shows which can be annoying. There are many people who have been turned off by them. Maybe with a reformat and more equal attention towards all platforms would help.
AOTS is a half hour too long. The only decent part are the gadget reviews, industry interviews, DVD and comic book segments. They need to cut the hosts and cut the 1st half hour out.
Would be nice if they would create a show that is primarily focused on the comic book industry and movie industry.

terrandragon3530d ago

It's barely even a video game show. It's either that ninja thing, cops, or cheaters.

poindat3530d ago

Sorry to all the people that are going to lose their jobs, but X-Play has been going steadily going downhill for a while now. Not even worth bothering with anymore, IMO. Same with the entire G4 channel. I used to watch that channel for gaming and tech shows, not to watch someone eat as much as they can until they throw up.

UnwanteDreamz3529d ago

WTF Hurl was awesome.....XPlay is not and neither are reruns of COPS. I can't stand cheaters but been having fun with MOVIES THAT DONT SUCK.

GiantEnemyShark3530d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-'s x-play, i thought it was sony. I'm sad now :'(

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