Ads Appear in Counter-Strike v1.6

Long talked about and recently voluntary it seems that ads are finally in the most recent update to popular mod Counter-Strike.

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deathtok4297d ago

Yes I know there is good with the bad but ads have the potential to really ruin games. Sure this isn't the first instance where they have appeared but now there is the possibility of in-game ads for GTA IV. Where that game has had jokes before a change like this would be a big takeaway.

BIadestarX4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

Seriously, those ad do look like they shouldnt be there, and therefore it removes the "feel" from the game. next thing we will see a plane with a banner flying in the sky in a game like obviblion. Better yet, how about "Got Milk", TMobile, Blu-ray, etc in a game like Conan or Rome Total War.

sovietsoldier4296d ago

if you paid for it why should you have to see ads in the game? unless there is something you get for seeing the ads there shouldnt be any ads in the game.

Bullseye4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

Deffinately not the way to go. There's a growing trend,against this sort of intrusive advertising,simply DON'T buy the product. It will take time,but advertisers and devs will catch on eventually.We do have the power to stop it dead, if we wish.The main reason i have not and will not buy half life sequels is the compulsion to sign up to steam even if you want to play off line.Have i missed it ? not really, there are plenty of other better games out there. Make your choice by all means , but understand the consequences.