PC > Xbox 360 for simple reasons

After taking a look at the facts, the Minneapolis PC Games examiner reaches the obvious conclusion that the Xbox 360's technical problems are a joke, and is promoting a boycott of Microsoft. He urges readers and gamers alike to complain to the Better Business Bureau if their console has failed, and challenges Microsoft's assertions that they are in fact doing good faith business.

"PC's are and will remain more successful and entertaining than the Xbox 360. Why? Because no PC manufacturer could get away with the crap that Microsoft pulls."

Lots of facts to support his story, but some very strong opinions and rants.

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no_more_trolling3533d ago

pc is better than xbox 360?

omg my life is over

Rapture3333533d ago

The modding community, modding hardware, modding games, better games, a lot more games, better looking games, better controls, better everything. Disagree with me, comment or send a PM and I'll show you whats right.

dexterwang3533d ago

Agreed with Rapture
Some of the best games on the 360 works better on PC... aka FPS and RTS
Free online play, mods, better graphics (if you can afford it- where a good videocard only cost like 150$ now), etc etc

However, Racing, RPGs and Sports definitely works better on the 360, so if you want a full gaming experience, you really need all systems, be it 360, PS3, and PC ;) ... (Wii not included as it counts as a expensive paper weight)

IdleLeeSiuLung3532d ago

Against my better judgment, I decided to click on this article only to find it contain flame bait and no real sources unless you count Wikipedia as one.

To further the issue, I don't think the writer actually understands the complexity of technology (or technology for that matter). I'm frankly surprised at how many technological stuff works considering the level of complexity and the level of stupidity of humans!

Can you even imagine the amount of work going into every piece of technology? I'm a programmer and engineer and seeing how a operating system works underneath, I'm just amazed.

JAOWDEE3532d ago

They only thing I don't like about PCs is that every two or three years you have to buy an expensive graphics card if you want to run the current games. Other than that PCs are better in almost every other way.

Elven63532d ago

I don't think the BBB will give a damn considering Microsoft already has things in place to deal with the RROD (warranty, better chips, etc), this article is a waste of bandwidth which is essentially a blog rant. Someone should clue this idiot into the 3 year extension (which he refers to as month) and how such problems are caused (he is attributing simple updates to the failures, so much wrong with that I don't know where to begin!)

Bnet3433532d ago

PC > all consoles

who doesn't know that?

Jinxstar3532d ago

Been saying this for months now. I even put it in my blog from a long a** time ago here....

Agent VX3532d ago

PC gaming is my favorite for sure. If I had to pick one system, a PC, a 360, a PS3 or a Wii, I would easily pick a PC.

Article has great points about the crap MS has done making such a piece of crap console called the 360. It is one of the worst made console, easily in history of video games. I love the 360 games, love the online, like the peripheral, and controller is easily one of the best ever designed, but the console is a cheap piece of crap.

I will have a very hard time every purchasing another Xbox from MS again. Sure, they extended the warranty, but I have seen very little in progress in making a solid machine. The reliabity of the 360 has no doubt been improved from the launch consoles, but the fact that they still hide the true figures on the failure rate is completely unforgivable.

There is a saying "Once bitten, twice shy". I have about a month left on my 3yr warranty, have had one RROD, and with many friends having multiple RROD's, I have to admit that I soon expect to see another RROD soon. Don't know about you folks, but expecting a product to blow up isn't a good thing.

I definitely like my 360 better as a gaming platform than my PS3, but I don't expect my PS3 to start smoking.

I think I will just stick with PC gaming, but then again...there is DRM... and that's another story....

FarEastOrient3532d ago

Empire Total War, Star Craft, Warcraft, and Command And Conquer...

Yup PC has some of my favorite games too, but this article doesn't mention that people like me will spend $3800 to get my games looking better than the Xbox 360. Two years and counting no hardware failure yet ^_^ older custom built tower of mine is running 8 years ^_^

nix3532d ago

Respect brother! i always knew you were more of a 360 guy going by your previous comments but am surprised to see you at least bring up the issue and admit it in open. nice to see people who aren't blinded by the love for their console.

i've always been shocked by fanboys who keeps defending 360 when it comes to RROD etc... it's good to see people like you exist. sadly, there is mart in the Open Zone who is completely the opposite.

JsonHenry3532d ago

I would throw every console I ever owned into a fire if it meant I could save my gaming Rig from harm. No joke.

The PC is THAT much better.

free2game3653532d ago

Because of how many options you're given PC is the best platform. It can do anything a console can do and better.

jessupj3531d ago

Who are you and what have you done with agent VI?

Bubble for you sir :)

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panasonic233533d ago

ahahhahahah sonyfanboys never give up man

Aclay3533d ago

"ahahhahahah sonyfanboys never give up man"

Sony fanboys? Did you even read the article? The guy that wrote the article is a PC fanatic. He only mentioned Sony one time and "PS3" wasn't mentioned anywhere in the article.

DavidMacDougall3533d ago

You must sell polish vacuum cleaners?

Helghast Slayer3532d ago

The 360 butt buddies won't complain. They actually like getting raped in the ass any chance they get. Judging by the lack of complaints or follow-ups of this issue, i'm starting to think they are so scared that M$ will actually go to their homes and give them a nasty visit.

hippo243532d ago

No most people except me for instance who must sit by a computer for the majority of the day, actually care about dumb articles like this.

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farhsa20083533d ago

its funny because its so true, you dont see pc>ps3 articles anywhere do you?

thebudgetgamer3533d ago

but i am a console gamer and hardware problems aside, the 360 has a software line-up that this gamer cannot ignore for much longer. maybe one more year but not much more. besides i own a mac.