Reggie, Where The Wiis At?

Nintendo of America prez Reggie Fils-Aime spoke on the subject in a recent interview with The Hub.

"Nintendo manufactured, through the end of December, four million units worldwide. And to put this in perspective, the ramp up you need to have from a manufacturing standpoint to make four million units, and to make them flawlessly -- our defect rate is miniscule -- that's a huge challenge. Yet, because of the demand, because of the buzz, we could not satisfy consumers worldwide.

We work with our retailers to supply them on a regular and ongoing basis. Some retailers make decisions to hold product to support their circulars that typically drop on Sundays. But I'm now looking at a report that says in 93 percent of retail outlets, there are less than three hardware units available. That is a huge issue and something we're working very hard to fix."

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PS360WII4428d ago

to know if you have a killer product or not... specially coming from Nintendo who as we all know hasn't been the best at console stuff. Who knew 4 million right off the bat wasn't good enough. I always hear people say well how could they not make enough they know it's going to sell. What do you want them to do make 10 million+ before launch and hope they sell all of them? That's not buisness savvy... of course I can say all that becuase I'm not waiting for mine ;)

Baller444426d ago

look its that man who created the wii he is so mean. he'll kick your @ss if u ask him nicely for a wii when it was coming out at the nintendo store. wat a d1k