Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters

This list goes through the top ten Final Fantasy characters of all time.

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tinydancer3530d ago

1. Cloud
2. Sephiroth
3. Vincent Valentine
4. Yuna
5. kefka
6. edgar
7. cecil
8. shadow
9. vivi
10. mog

JDPGamer20023530d ago

why do people like vivi so much??

Samus20803530d ago

My favorite line from the list:

"We here at O-W truly loved the character of Vivi. Squaresoft took one of the simplest and oldest character types and added a depth not seen in FF games previous to this one. You couldn’t help but feel bad for Vivi, you wanted to reach through the screen and give the little bugger a hug and tell him everything will be all right. "

SupaPlaya3530d ago

Out of the top 10, 4 of them belongs to FFVI (FFIII in US).

My personal favorite FF.

thebudgetgamer3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

but auron is a bad ass


worst cait smith


JoySticksFTW3530d ago

"Kefka actually destroys the world. Granted in the end you kill him, but for what, what’s left? The world is shattered, most people are dead, crazy mutant monsters are running around everywhere, and most people belong to a cult worshiping the very guy who destroyed the world."

Add in Locke, Shadow and Interceptor, Cyan, Edgar, Sabin, and Setzer... and it's FFVI FTW :)

ChickeyCantor3529d ago

How can people love Cloud? He was the most emotional bastard next to Squall.

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Hixon4Life3530d ago

MOG ahead of SEPHIROTH??????? WTF is this bull s***????

Swedenborg3530d ago

couldn't agree more. they even say they have a bias towards FF6 in the intro.

PrimordialSoupBase3530d ago

how is cloud not on this list?

RKRigney3530d ago

no good dialogue + stupid character design = lame character. That's why.

Lombax3529d ago

If Tifa is not on it I'm pissed.

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The story is too old to be commented.