GG: No changes to Killzone 2 controls, MP is quicker


Reports of controller lag input in the Killzone 2 demo resulted in detailed research at Guerrilla Games. They have concluded that no changes need to be made.

There were reports of an odd lag to the controls in Killzone 2, displaying a slight delay to shooting after button press (in one report) and reduced accuracy in others.

Being a proud owner of the final game, I did not experience any of these problems. Instead I could appreciate that Killzone 2 featured weightier controls, with a character who moves and reacts more realistically than say Call of Duty.

Moreover, I had no trouble targeting enemies, achieving headshots with relative ease after fully adjusting to the game's control system.

The game's producer Seb Downie has updated the community on the issue.

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Violater3530d ago

as there was nothing wrong with them.

thebudgetgamer3530d ago

i dont know what the issue is as i have had no problem at all, but i know just because its not a problem for me doesnt mean others arent having the troubles. just not me


MAR-TYR-DOM3530d ago

im proud of you guys standing up for what you believe, maybe this game isn't genre defining, but its fresh and so are you guys. I support your decision 100%! I will look forward to future evolution of the Killzone community.

xwabbit3530d ago

I know at first it might at felt weird but after 3 plays it feel pretty dam good :P. I use Alt 2, but every 1 has diff opinion :P... mines that 1.

techie3530d ago

You'll want to use Standard 1. Better for cover.

UnSelf3530d ago

just beat uncharted on Crushing. Loved every sec, now im ready for some killzone

remanutd553530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

lol im trying to get R2 platinum trophy , three more trophies to go , already have my murderstorm pacific rift platinum, 5 more to get the little big planet one ( basically i still need to create my own lvl) , and socom man im not even gonna bother (9% ) even though i play socom every single night those trophies seem too hard to get basically you need to be rambo,rocky,terminator,chuck norris all together at the same time to get that platinum lol , btw uncharted drakes fortune was my first platinum trophy lol

edit: forgot to tell you i loved the killzone2 beta in the beginning the controls felt a little weird but you get used to them pretty fast after you get used to the controls killzone2 online multiplayer is amazing

gambare3530d ago

agreed, the Alt 2 controls are perfect for me.

SmokingMonkey3530d ago

and i upped the X and Y axis speeds and made (L1)aim set to hold

and i am in love

thor3530d ago

Actually there WAS a problem with some demo downloads. SOME people complained about the control layout or the "weightyness" of the controls, BUT in some downloads, which got corrupted for whatever reason, there was actual input lag. To see if you have this, time how long it takes from pressing R1 and firing. If there is control lag, it applies to ALL controls. This DOES NOT happen in the final game. Try re-downloading the demo a couple of times to try and fix it.

Bnet3433530d ago

Alt 2 makes it harder to crouch and zoom so I stuck with the default Standard 1 which is similar to alot of shooters I play.

UnwanteDreamz3530d ago

I am glad they looked into it and took the complaints seriously. That being said, this will not please alot of the complainers.....mark my words.

I had no complaints with the controls.

Exquisik3530d ago

Man...people can be so stubborn sometime. What you said is true. It'd been all over the PS KZ2 boards. There are controller "lag" but just depending on the demo you download. And yes it can be fixed by redownloading it again. Unfortunately some people failed to see it as that and still consider that there's lag in the control. Either that or too lazy to redownload the demo. GG had stated themselves that the lag only occur in the demo and most people on the KZ forum had confirmed that it was due to faulty download of the demo.

Either way, why are people complaining about it when the feel of the weight only occur in SP and not in MP. It made the SP much more challenging and realistic, isn't that what most gamers want? I played in the MP beta, and believe me, it's much more faster than the SP. It baffled me at how much gamers can whine about certain things and fail to look at it in many different perspectives.

Bubble for spreading the truth man.

uie4rhig3530d ago

what the hell are you on about? :S if a download gets corrupted, there won't be just an input lag.. the whole file will be unreadable..

@those that complain.. just go back to your xbox 360 games and leave us ps3 owners alone, i know i will leave you alone .. just give it up..

there is no lag on the game :S just give up

TheExecutive3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

It depends on how you hold the controller. I have my middle fingers on L2 and R2 and my index fingers on L1 and R1. Alternative 2 works GREAT for me all the while giving me full control of my zoom.

IMHO holding the controller this way give you way more freedom then any other setup, my fingers are always on the trigger :)

But I agree if you only use your index fingers for the bumpers and triggers standard 1 may be more comfortable.

I have toggle to zoom checked and I have the x sensitivity 3 clicks from default and the y sensitivity at default. look out folks!

P.S.- I hate deep for already having this game :(

Just playing only love for ya mate!

Legion3529d ago

I'm trying to figure out why you would have 2 different control feels for solo versus online? Are there other games where this has came in handy?

Why would anyone play through the whole single player game and then go on-line just to have to readjsut to the controller movement? Seems odd at the least...

3529d ago
techie3529d ago

The Exec: That's how I always hold the me, Stand 1 is so much better in the full game. IMO

TheExecutive3529d ago

hmmm.... we shall see... we shall see!

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SmokingMonkey3530d ago

what do you guys think about Guerilla taking out the cover system for online MP? good thing? bad thing?

i think i would have liked to see the cover system in MP, i can see how it might get weird with people "sticking to walls" but i thought KZ2's cover system was sick (L2 button sticks to cover or ducks when held)

PotNoodle3530d ago

Good thing.

I was in the online beta and the pacing of the game was just right for the type of gameplay.

The cover system would of made the game too slow, it is a much, much quicker game online, like they said.

Jake the Muss3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Apparently GG did test the cover system in MP, but received unfavorable feedback on the use of it.

I read an interview a while ago where someone specifically asked GG why not; and they said something along the lines that although the cover system fitted naturally for SP, the 360 degree and faster paced nature of MP meant that players kept getting shot at from behind while stuck in cover.

Although I think it would have made for an interesting element to MP, I put the trust in GG to follow the advice of feedback from beta testers.

EDIT: Not the one I was thinking of, but essentially the same response:

Gazza_UK asks: Why did you decide to leave out the cover system in the multiplayer, even though it has such a big role on the SP campaign?

Eric Boltjes: We ran a lot of tests with the cover system in multiplayer, but we just found that because of the 360 degrees nature of multiplayer, it just didn't really work. We found that it didn't add enough, and players would just rather not use it!

Scaramunga3530d ago

At first I was a little bummed about there not being a cover-system in MP, but then I realized that it would make campers a bigger pain in the @$$. In MP, you're moving around all the time and I don't want some 13-year old punk hiding behind the same crate for 20 minutes.

QuackPot3529d ago

I would give too much advantage to campers/snipers.

But it would have been interesting how gameplay would have evolved.

On topic.

The controller issues is a non-issue. Just something for the critics to nitpick.

Standard1 is fine and just needs getting use to.

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onomix3530d ago

Is it just me who suffers from this?

thor3530d ago

There is a bug in SOME of the demos (corrupt download) and if you experience a problem (a DELAY when shooting or reloading or whatever), this problem is NOT in the final game.

Gray23530d ago

I think so, I they seemed fine to me

IzKyD13313530d ago

For anyone who doesn't like the controller layout, just switch it to alternate 2, and for those that don't like zooming to be held, you can turn it off

Parapraxis3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Alt 2 is what I started with, then after trying the default Standard controls I realized how much more logical that layout is when in cover.
Cover + Zooming in & out with Alt 2 = instant fail.
I've played the demo about 50 times, GG chose the default controls for a very specific reason, they are the best and most functional set.

I'll add, due to there being no cover system in MP, if you use the Alt 2 config in that mode it works like a charm. But in my opinion, it's crucial you use Standard for the SP campaign, otherwise your cover system will be pretty borked.

Parapraxis3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )


L1 - Close combat
L2 - Crouch
R1 - Fire
R2 - Grenade
^ - Swap Weapons
[] - Reload/Pick up weapon (Hold)
O - Use
X - Jump
Left Analogue - Movement
Right Analogue - Look
L3 - Sprint
R3 - Zoom


L1 - Zoom
L2 - Crouch
R1 - Fire
R2 - Grenade
^ - Swap Weapon
[ ] - Reload/Pick up weapon (Hold)
O - Use
X - Jump
Left Analogue - Movement
Right Analogue - Look
L3 - Sprint
R3 - Close Combat would one go about holding crouch/cover and zooming in and out?
you'd have to use 2 fingers and hold both left triggers. That is not comfortable.

Scaramunga3530d ago

I agree with you completely. Alt 2 is okay, especially for MP, but standard 1 works perfect for SP because of the cover-system. I started out with alt because i was skeptical of the other layouts, but i eventually switched over. i think people just tend to be afraid of doing things differently after they've spent days worth playing COD4 and don't want to have to get used to something else.

darkdoom30003529d ago

Actually If you turn Aim to toggle, then alt2 is actually plays very good.

So you'll be holding down R2 for cover. and tap R1 if you need to zoom. It takes a little while to get used to. but good for people who play Resis2.

Alt 2 + Hold Aim kills ur hand.

Parapraxis3529d ago

Yeah, I used toggle aim, it still felt very cumbersome.
It's a matter of preference in the end, but I really think Standard is the best way to go, albeit with a slight learning curve.

TheExecutive3529d ago

If you hold the controller like I do then its easy. I always have my middle fingers on L2 and R2 and my index fingers on L1 and R1. I get the best of both worlds :)

But there is a way, it just depends on how you hold the controller.

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peeps3530d ago

i think the internet crying lag lead GG to look into the wrong problem. There isn't a delay at all. that's simply the weight of your character.

my only problem with it is the acceleration from slow to fast when moving (which you don't get on the lower sensitivities) - i feel this could have been tweaked slightly but instead they were worried looking into claims of 'lag' when actually there wasn't but people we're getting confused with the way the controls handled...

Everyone who wishes to give this game a go will get used to the controls i'm sure, it's like with any new game, it's just recently games have been so similar because developers have been worried to try something differently so fair play to GG for actually making THEIR game and not trying to immitate other popular franchises (although it's clear that they have got ideas from some)

thor3530d ago

Again, there WAS a problem with lag. You've seen the video evidence. BUT it only happened on some of the demos, for whatever reason. It obviously hasn't happened in review copies (otherwise it would have been mentioned, and it hasn't). It's not in the final game.

The controls in terms of turning speed were complained about by some people, BUT the control input lag affects ALL buttons. So even reloading, firing, whatever was laggy. Some people were just retards and mistook what the controls were supposed to be for this problem. Re-downloading the demo helped most people, but it doesn't happen in the final game so it doesn't really matter.