Lens of Truth: Head2Head - Golden Axe - Beast Rider

Lens of Truth writes; " Continuing through our trek of games from 2008, we sat down with Golden Axe: Beast Rider for our latest Head2Head and boy were we in for a surprise. Developed by Secret Level and published by Sega, this game was nothing more then a rip off of Heavenly Sword. In the end the comparison came close but only one system made this game only horrible, while the other was just plain shameful. We hope you enjoy this Head2Head cause we actually suffered through this one.

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jaidek5624d ago

wow, that is some serious tearing...they are even in the screen shots. I really wanted to like this game too. Ah well, gonna have to dust off the original Golden Axe and have a go.

Keowrath5624d ago

I loved the original back in the arcade and on the megadrive and was psyched to hear they were doing a next gen version (or rather current gen) but I was put off from the original unveiling of screenshots last year (or was it the year before?)

This is the first time I've seen it running and damn! What a mess!

Why they couldn't stick to the original premise of the game is beyond me, although with the amount of tearing with only one character on screen I can only imagine what 3 PLAYERS would do lol.

SEGA, what happened to you!?

ArthurLee5624d ago

The original Golden Axe rocks, stick to that one.
That's some awful tearing BTW.

evildeli5624d ago

The screen tearing was just bad.

ArthurLee5623d ago

How about an install, that would have helped I think. I wonder why they didn't use one with the tearing being that bad.

GEESE5624d ago (Edited 5624d ago )

It looks like to me, these games use the exact same textures, just that it certain games the ps3 renders them a little 'blurry' and the 360 texture ends up looking more detailed.
I don't think that there are actually better textures or more information on the 360 ones, it's a rendering issue on multi games I think.

360 man5624d ago

360 version more detailed

360 man5624d ago

why compare such a crap game

ArthurLee5623d ago

There has to be a Golden Axe fan somewhere right?

stealyrface5623d ago

why you say? why?? someone out there may actually like a terribly produced game, I mean WOW everyone gave GTA IV rave reviews and it was one of the most awful looking games this generation. Maybe SEGA didn't spend enough advertising money to sway the the review sites. Assassin's Creed anyone!?

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HeliosHex552d ago

Agreed. Don't forget to include the classic red/white one piece for the amazon.

Fonsecap552d ago

We definitely need a good golden axe Game, dotemu should definitely do it, and Capcom should remake final fight

RetroCaptainSteve551d ago

As long as it's not like Streetwise, I agree.

Fonsecap551d ago

There was nothing "wise" about that game 😅


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KwietStorm_BLM2849d ago

Why do you have a screen from Street Fighter X Tekken for Street Fighter EX?

gamerben2849d ago

Iirc you couldn't "move in a circle" in EX like the article states either

gamerben2849d ago

Lmao also, worms 3d wasn't even a first person shooter at all either... It was turned based like the original games... Someone didn't research

KwietStorm_BLM2849d ago

Yet I have 2 disagrees lol this site never ceases to amaze.

zodiac9092849d ago

@KwietStorm Don't you know this is not "News 4 Gamers" anymore, it's "Negativity 4 Gamers." A Place where if you say something complementary or ask for some helpful advice, no one gives 2 shits. But AS SOON AS you say something opinionated or controversial, get ready for a riot, mass homocide, and a lynchin' bro.

zodiac9092849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

Uhh summa lumma dooma lumma

WheatBread2848d ago

The SF EX games were actually pretty good.