Halo Project Taken Over by Robot

One of the most celebrated series in the world has now partially been taken over by a new robot overlord.

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cain1413534d ago

Hopefully Halo Wars gets some nice DLC... A lot of potential there...

Viewtiful3534d ago

lol great headline. New studios generally suck though, that's the problem.Even when there are veterans involved it takes a while for people to learn how to work together. Don't expect much out of this.

predator3534d ago

from what I have read they are actually getting the backing from MS, so maybe things are actually looking up for them

barom3534d ago

Actually Robot is said to be of ex-Ensemble only at this point. So in a way, they are Ensemble studios (of course with a few people missing) and is not really a new studio per se. They are independent now for better or worst.

In any case I think we will have to see. But if you think "working together" is the problem then there's no problem. Might be a problem with resources and workforce though.

SirLarr3534d ago

The headline was better than the story :(

oriol0033534d ago

YEah I know its kinda dumb its just about how Halo Wars is owned by Robot now or something like that headline is waaaayyy out of context. Because the Halo Project hasnt really been taken over Bungie is still working on it and theres another third party company thats working on Halo Chronicles so yeah... story fail.

iTZKooPA3534d ago

Yay after market support!

cyguration3534d ago

I don't know why everyone is getting angry about this headline, I thought it was funny.

DK_Switch3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Thanks man. I spent 2 whole minutes on it!

I haven't written a news piece in two years, so it felt a little rusty piecing the story together from a couple sources, but I'll sure as hell take "funny" as a compliment. :)

Plus, boring as it is, people read the damn thing, which is what a headline is for, yeah?

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