Oblivion Descends March 20th

IGN officially confirmed with Bethesda Game Works today that on March 20th, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will descend upon Sony's console. Previous dates for the epic role-playing game, which spans the lands of Tamriel, had the title listed as coming out on March 13.

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CaliGamer4246d ago

Hopefully this is the last delay for this game, on the plus side by the time the game drops I should be done with most of my papers and have time to play before graduation. Sweet!!!

lil bush4246d ago

well this is good motorstorm and oblivion are the 2 games im picking up this month and maybe also V5. so its going to keep me busy for a while.

Grown Folks Talk4246d ago

is like 2 games in 1. sometimes i would just go around stealing stuff, starting fights with guards, and other random things. so much time can be spent just messing around on top of all of the hours of actual story. very good game. PS3 owners should enjoy it.

Aass4246d ago

Dang It! I have been waiting for this game as I have never played it.

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