Braid Coming To PC In March

Sins of a Solar Empire publisher Stardock announced a big new addition to their digital games service Impulse today: the Xbox Live Arcade smash hit Braid. The game's set to makes it PC debut in March and they're now accepting pre-orders.

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locos853531d ago

I still need to play this game. I've played the demo. It was pretty cool. But I chose Castle Crashers over this at the time.

EvilCackle3531d ago

It's completely worth the money. It's only a few hours long and you'll likely only play through once but really an amazing game.

EvilCackle3531d ago

That being said, the Xbox Live Arcade version is five bucks cheaper than the PC version will be.

Bnet3433531d ago

$20 ... for Braid ... on PC ... lol ...

Lombax3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Now i can finally play this game. I've been hearing nothing but good stuff about it. Now just release The Maw on PC and I'll be happy. =]

NMC20073531d ago

This is going to be so pirated, people basically know it's a 3 hour game and I think the $20 price tag is asking for it to be pirated.

I bought the 360 version and beat it in about 3 hours after purchasing it.

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