Gamedaily: Street Fighter IV Review

Gamedaily: Street Fighter IV is a gorgeous and entertaining brawler that anyone can play. Instead of rebooting the franchise, Capcom tweaked the familiar 2-D Street Fighter II formula and fused it with beautiful 3-D graphics, making it instantly likeable to older fans who want the controls and action they've loved and new gamers in search of visual nirvana. Although it features overused modes that appear in other fighters, Arcade and Versus will have you throwing fireballs until you wear out the controller.

Regardless of the platform (PS3 or Xbox 360), Street Fighter IV will keep you punching well into 2009. In some respects, the game feels too old school for its own good. Time Attack, a final boss that copies moves and head scratching cut scenes left us screaming for change, but then we'd play a few matches and before we knew it, hours had passed. So rush to the store, pick up the game and even an arcade stick. The best fighting series on the planet is back.

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