No Split Screen for Shadowrun

Writing on Shadowrun's official forums, FASA's Lead Program Manager, "Kimona," confirms the game will not feature split-screen play. "We wanted to do it and had a good deal of the work done for it already. But there was a lot of UI and testing work remaining. We decided to focus on making what we have even more polished and clean."

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Merovee4246d ago

Ok, I may hate 360 but MS games is another story. I've loved alot of their games. But this one is such a personal Irk-factor for me.

First we take one of the best PNP- RPG's ever (imo) and turn it into a friggin standard run of the mill FPS.

No split screen now. And on top of it theres no offline campaign...

ARRRGH- For the love of Everything good STOP LISCENSING COOL $4!T AND MAKING IT CRAP!!!!! This goes for every game company out there! IF YOU CANNOT DO AN IDEA JUSTICE STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM IT!!!!!!!!!!!!