VGR: Killzone 2 Review

VGR writes: "Killzone 2 isn't the most original FPS and I do believe that it is slightly overhyped. But what I do see is a solid campaign followed by a multiplayer component that goes a step beyond most FPS', it's just a shame that the controls and lack of co-op hold it back from reaching the top".

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skynidas3556d ago

Cant wait for the 27th!

MNicholas3556d ago

is not the complaint about controls. That's a matter of personal preference and clearly this reviewer prefers a more arcadey feel. No problem.

The problem is that the scores for sound and visuals are misrepresentative in the context of previous reviews. This ought to be a source of embarrassment. Killzone 2 has easily the best audio-visual fidelity of any available game except, in some ways, Crysis on PC.

GiantEnemyShark3556d ago

Th15 r3v13w 15 f4|<E!!!!! 1'm c4llin9 bull5h1t! 1t'5 8 p01nt5 2 h1gh!!!!!

DavidMacDougall3556d ago

You must sell polish vacuum cleaners

dawq1123556d ago

now another review that takes points for it not being "original"
okay. then i better see everygame that is not "original" be given lower scored. but i bet that wont happen.
8.8 is a good score and i understand control issue but why take away points for something that is not in a game like co op.
call of duty 4 did not have co op.

Heavy-h3556d ago

i dont see the complaint about controls,
ive played the full game already and it feels perfect to me and it felt alot like COD in some ways, there are so many different controls settings how can one person not find one they are comfortable with

SAiOSiN3556d ago

Way to go and butcher the English language you f*ggot.

thebudgetgamer3556d ago

but there will be no guns. when you see opponents you have to yell bang, but you cant point your finger because it will look like a gun and thats not original.


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The story is too old to be commented.