Lost and the Damned DLC - Final Review (planetxbox360)

From the feature article:

"Video game downloadable content has always been considered something extra, an insignificant piece of software that does little to enhance the gaming experience. Over the past month or so Bethesda Softworks (Fallout 3) and Rockstar Games (Grand Theft Auto IV) have tried to change that perception, with the releases of Operation Anchorage and The Lost and the Damned respectively. Both of these add-ons make an attempt at expanding on the original retail title and changing the way gamers look at the three letters: DLC. We can't write a standard review for The Lost and the Damned DLC because it simply is not a full game, even though it is longer than some of the trash publishers put out these days. For a little background on the original game, Grand Theft Auto IV, click here to check out the review, posted middle of last year. The Lost and the Damned is easily the best piece of downloadable content (DLC) we have ever played through, read on to find out why every adult gamer should add this to their purchase history today."

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locos853529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I was fooled once from the original hype of GTAIV. I will not be fooled again. It's basically the same crippled game with another character.

UltimaEnder3529d ago

I, along with a ton of other people, are really enjoying the new downloadable content thus far and considering you haven't even played it I have to assume your opinion on the topic is worthless.....thanks though!

hippo243529d ago

Wait, did I miss something or did GTA get numerous GOTY awards??

I mean maybe it wasn't your fancy but I didnt think it was broken.

Ghoul3529d ago

Personaly i think most people jumped the band waggon on the claim that gta4 was a overhyped flawed game.

I think (and millions others) that gta4 is a masterpiece, and te dlc is the best dlc to date.

the thing is that those who like gta4 dont consistantly post on internetsites but the haters do.

The Great Melon3529d ago

I have always found the GTA series to not be my cup of tea, but the DLC for the game seems to be substantial from what I heard. This is kind of content the I would hope developers would relase for other games rather than 2 to 3 dollar items. This adds to the story and length of the game.

burbulla3529d ago

If you loved the original GTA4, you should probably download the dlc. Gta 4 was my first game in the gta-universe, and It was one of the better games I have played this generation but IMO it was definitely over-rated (98 on Meta), so I am not going to spend $20 for more of the same, I would rather pick up older games I missed or save up for RE5.

TheDude2dot03528d ago

It's basically just more missions. No reason for these reviews.

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THC CELL3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )


working in game and Lost in demand DLC 1800 card points is out
Not really sold many
Why cause this game is Dead

M$ was fooled
and its a shame really

take note also as i am a trophies addict and i have not gone back to this game to even get them

hippo243529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Theres this word for what your saying....

Its called a cop-out.
that little thing where you say "yea I didn't want it anyway". It's that sorta thing most people pull when they dont want to admit there wrong.

A simple "looks good, but Im not into it" would have sufficed, because the blatant MS bashing, and the emphasis on trophies really gave away your true intentions.

Also there called Microsoft points, not card points.

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m233529d ago

I just got the DLC, its still downloading, it's huge. I can't wait though, the only downside for me is the size since I only have a 20 gb harddrive but oh well.

UltimaEnder3529d ago

Ya that makes sense, luckily I have the elite but people with the normal 20GB have to be getting low on space, especially if you want to install a couple games to the's worth the wait though!

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