Time to Dial up the Killzone 2 Hype Machine

After four years of painful waiting, Killzone 2 releases in under two weeks. An appropriate amount of time to dial up the Killzone 2 hype machine. But while we are waiting here is a cool Killzone 2 fan trailer, mixing Halo 3's music with Killzone 2 Helghan trailer.

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phantomshadow3528d ago

Time to dial up the hype machine? If the machine was turned on higher, it would explode.

Keowrath3528d ago

LOL! Exactly what I was thinking. Don't get me wrong, I loved the demo, have the game pre-ordered and am really looking forward to release (and I'm not a big FPS fan) but the Hype machine has been going overtime for a couple months now (I know it's been hyped longer but the full HYPE has been last couple months)

Anyway, cool little vid. There's another fan made video I have of MGS remake with Halo2's Breaking Benjimin track "Blow me away" I'm really not a fan of the Halo franchise but the series has an awesome soundtrack and score.

RKRigney3528d ago

Yeah the N4G community hasn't been hyping Killzone 2 enough...



resistance1003528d ago

Just saw the teaser trailer during the Luton/Brighton match.

Nice to see they are finally starting to advertise it.

GiantEnemyShark3528d ago

nonononononononono! we must dial down the kz2 hype machine! it's not a good game! Gears 2 is way better! sure, gears 2's online mode has a few glitches, but it has co-op! That has to count for something right?! 8D

interrergator3528d ago

lmfao tell u the truth that halo song goes with killzone 2 trailer but it should be for the third killzone

redsquad3528d ago

See? KILLZONE 2 and HALO CAN get along!!!!