TeamXbox Previews Conan

Although the company isn't quite ready to reveal the game's wholly original storyline yet, a THQ representative did tell TXB that the game will take place in the period before Conan became king, when he was in his fighting prime. Conan will feature the barbarian we know and love from the books and comics, a noble savage that would lop your arms off if you looked at him funny. When we walked into the demo room, the image on the screen told us all that we needed to know about what type of game we'd be seeing. Our hero stood shirtless in the background, while the foreground was filled with a head impaled on a pike, flies swarming around it.

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Rasputin20114428d ago

Honestly if your going to do a Conan game you have to make it Barbaric and it sounds like THQ and the boys are going to be doing this right.

lil bush4428d ago

and some of these pics ive seen in the mags and internet have been very impressive i wonder i there trying to compete with god of war imagine kratos vs conan now that would be interesting

InMyOpinion4428d ago

Conan of War? Anyone? I saw a trailer of it yesterday and it looks exactly like God of War, which in this case was'nt a good thing...

Violater4428d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

of the GOW comparison anway with that said. I would like to see this game do something different. Maybe something they could think about is how enemies are dismembered instead of pre-rendered limb points that get lopped off the models should be set up with the new physics dynamics, similar to that shown in the upcoming next gen star wars game.
Where maybe say if i chop the enemy from a certain position the wound is different and the bodies come apart realisticially. DMM technology in a bloody hack n slash and the blood splatter should follow in similar fashion.

Similar to that. I think it would be awesome