Gaming Age: Bejeweled 2 Review

Gaming Age writes: "Having totally forgotten the last time I played the original Bejeweled, I may be at a slight disadvantage when looking at its sequel with a critical eye. Scratch that – Bejeweled 2 is seemingly identical to the first, which can be downloaded all over the intertubes and still runs amicably on a computer straight out of '95. In that respect, it would seem that all Bejeweled 2 manages to accomplish is a version that can be had on current-generation consoles. More unfortunate is that as a puzzle game I instinctively compare it to the greats of the genre (of which Tetris is still tops, followed closely by other behemoths like Lumines.) Come to think of it, when a casual/puzzle game has been played as much as Bejeweled has been, it's only fair to put its sequel toe-to-toe with the genre's finest, right?"

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