PSU: Shellshock 2: Blood Trails Review

From this point forth I need to remind myself not to review another first person shooter straight after playing Killzone 2. Following a four hour stint immersed in Guerrilla Game's epic first person shooter, Rebellion's Shellshock 2: Blood Trails is probably the worst game I could have picked up.

Kleptic5636d ago

kind of funny...as wasn't Shellshock: nam '67 GG's first game?...

whatever...the best part is how everyone an their dentist said killzone 2 would suck mostly because GG 'had never made a great game'...wrong...move along...

UnwanteDreamz5636d ago

Yep already comparing it against KZ2.

redsquad5636d ago

Third time I've seen this review posted here in a week.

UnwanteDreamz5636d ago

Not from PSU

Says on their website "Posted February 17th, 2009 at 14:14 EDT by Steven Williamson"

table5636d ago

but that may be because im playing through die hard vendetta on ps2 for the first time since i bought it preowned about 5 years ago.


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GameCritics: ShellShock 2: Blood Trails Review

You will have the normal FPS problems of not knowing about gunfire until it's hitting you, heightened by the fact that zombies often seem to jump out of nowhere in the darker levels if you can't hear their footsteps. All the important dialogue is subtitled though, and while it's clear enough where to go next in most situations, a mini-map would have helped in the rare open-concept levels.

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Shellshock 2: Blood Trails Review at CheatCC

CheatCC says: "With its iffy gunplay, often frustrating gameplay, linear level design, short completion time (four to six hours max), clichéd and uninteresting story, and complete lack of multiplayer, only the most desperate of players should attempt to squeeze any enjoyment out of this lemon."