8 Virtual Vacations

WhatTheyPlay: "At schools around the country, either Winter Break is about to happen or Spring Break is just around the corner. That gives parents a full week of stay-at-home kids to plan for.

One way to deal with the time off, of course, is to load up the family car and head off on vacation. But everyone's probably screaming that they want to go somewhere else, from skiing to sunbathing. And even if you can decide on a destination, what if there's no way to even make a vacation a reality?

The answer is a staycation - a (much cheaper!) stay-at-home vacation. Mix up your home life with a costumes-required movie night. Host an indoor barbeque with everyone responsible for his or her own dish. Build the world's biggest pillow fort. Or travel the world without leaving your couch with the following list of games. All of them are tailored-made for a "staycation," taking players on exhilarating virtual trips without the need for passports, plane tickets or a painfully long drive."

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