GamePro: Street Fighter IV Review

GamePro writes: "With the exception of some lame anime cinematics in the game's arcade mode, the presentation in Street Fighter IV is simply incredible. The wide assortment of levels shines fantastically in vibrant 3D, with subtle touches and backgrounds details all adding to the fun. Onlookers cheer in the background, set pieces collapse as fists fly, and shopping carts rattle with every earth-shattering blow. These stylistic choices really give each match an extra bit of flair, and the specific details etched into each one of the redesigned levels from Street Fighter II are just brilliant, truly playing on gamers' nostalgia factors".

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Lifendz3620d ago

It's sold out around NYC. I ordered mine off Amazon and now they're saying they're on backorder and won't be shipping for another 2 days. F! The art style is growing on me but I still think they should just used the 3rd strike style. Oh well. Can't wait to play this one.