Telegraph: Street Fighter IV review

Telegraph writes: "The gameplay is utterly timeless, in any case, while the visuals are beautifully crafted. The fighters are hulking, muscular creations, rich in detail and colour. Witness the incidental moments of animation on the character, a facial quirk while pulling off a special move, or a painful grimace when taking a Dragon Punch to the delicates.

It's surprising how much each character feels like an individual. Gigantic Russian wrestler Zangief stomps clumsily towards his quarry, while more graceful characters like Chun Li and Vega are animated with wonderful elegance. Each punch and kick connects with tangible ferocity, while the great, bombastic explosion of an Ultra combo finisher is so satisfying, it's all you can do to stop yourself punching the air and hollering "SHORYUKEN" yourself. Needless to say, I've been playing with the curtains shut."

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