Thoughts on the Rumored PSP2

GameStooge's Jonathon Howard has written an editorial detailing his thoughts and desires for the PSP2, if and when Sony announces it.

Excerpt: "So when the PSP2 is announced and finally released, I have only one hope: that Sony has a plan. The PSP suffered from an identity crisis. Was it a portable game console? A portable movie player? Maybe it's an MP3 player? No, it's a phone! Sony tried to make the PSP an "everything device" and it only managed to do some of those things OK. It would be better to have had the PSP do less things, and do them really well. If Sony can do this with the PSP2 then I imagine that it'll do better than its predecessor."

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billez3532d ago

i don't care if sony puts a camera, touch screen, and a portable phone, mic, internet browser

i only want the psp to play ps2 games, add an analog, and long battery life

Kevin McCallister3532d ago

With all the recent PSP2 news (especially the IGN articles), it seems like they know it exists and may be revealed at E3. All I'd need are the features you mentioned and some kind of internal storage that I can load up with a few PS2/PSP2 games.

TriforceLightning3532d ago

Sony wants sucess from their next handheld the should follow Nintendo's model.If you can't beat em' join em!

castdreams3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Do you mean reuse the same hardware with a higher clock speed?
Because if that's the case, GoW:CoO is the best PSP2 game I've played so far...

Lombax3532d ago

The PSP is like a PS1.5 maybe even 1.7 after seeing GoW:CoO. PSP2 should be about as powerful as a PS2.5. As long as it has a second analog and isn't the size of a Game Gear, I'll take it.

BrunoM3532d ago

just like the psp the psp2 will be a first day buy for me ...

what ever they do i know they will make the psp2 a top of the end machine just like they wow us with the psp wen i first got it on my hand my jaw drop and its going the same way with the psp2 im sure but until then il be just fine with what i got lol.

JonahFalcon3532d ago

It's all about PRICE, dudes.