Logitech G19 Color LCD Gaming Keyboard Delayed

DailyTech writes "Logitech's most advanced gaming keyboard, featuring a color LCD screen, has been delayed by two months to early May. Logitech was unable to provide a reason for the delay..."

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Charmers3533d ago

Damn it, I am really looking forward to this keyboard, oh well another 2 months gives me time to get the 200 bucks together to buy it.

thats_just_prime3533d ago

Sound just like the G15 but with a color LCD

benede3533d ago

I bet they delayed it because they want to add touchscreen :D

Lombax3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

This Gamer keyboard, like all other Gamer Keyboards, are just keyboards. They are no more "Gamer-ey" than the normal keyboard I'm using right now.

If it comes with the analog attachment on the left that'ed be cool.

But wouldn't it be a lot cheaper just to buy this, and maybe a gaming mouse?