VBG: Will Square Enix Be Eidos' Saviour?

Even though Eidos has had a troubled past, Square Enix is still eying the British publisher. Will the Japanese giant save Eidos?

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Pennywise3555d ago

SE needs to save themselves.

Darkseider3555d ago

F*CKER! You beat me to it!

The gaming GOD3555d ago

I was going to say that too lol

Pennywise3555d ago

Great minds think alike!

Doppy3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Am I the only one who doesn't see the benefit in this. Edios hasn't had a great game in a looooooooooooong time, so why is Square trying to acquire a company that hasn't made anything wowing. I could see square partnering with EA, but wasting money on Eidos REALLY. I guess they wanted to get' em before EA swiped up every American company.

The only thing I can think of is they need the extra development support in order to get their games out quicker. If they do help Eidos make some more games they nned to bring out a good Soul Reaver, and plenty of new and original IP, and by original I mean games we haven't played before.

SpoonyRedMage3555d ago

Funny you should say you could see them partnering with EA because they did before they eventually bought all the joint owned offices and published their own games in America.

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cain1413555d ago

They need to make good games to save themselves...

SirLarr3555d ago

I support their entry into western markets, but Eidos? Really?

Also here's a little known fact, Eidos handled the publication of the PC port of Final Fantasy VII in the US. Weird huh?

shoinan3555d ago

Strange how those two companies have gone different ways and it's all come full circle.

SpoonyRedMage3555d ago

Wow an article not insulting Square Enix.

I think it's a food deal for Eidos and Square Enix are playing it a bit risky but Crystal Dynamics are talented(I don't know much about the other teams) so it might just help the western expansion SE is undertaking.

crazy250003555d ago

sad truth i a guy

JD_Shadow3555d ago


That girl can be MY savior ANYTIME SHE WANTS!

The gaming GOD3555d ago

"im just here because of that picture"


rhood0223555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Truthfully, if SE wanted to purchase a western studio I wouldn't pick Eidos.

Aside from Tomb Raider, Eidos' most popular series was the Legacy of Kain franchise. But I love the LOK and Soul Reaver series too much to see it milked past its relevance as Tomb Raider was.

From a gaming stand point, it would be a waste of money.

But on the flip side, IF they purchase Eidos, at least they'd have more hands to work on all the other projects SE decided to focus on instead of Final Fantasy--the remakes, the ports, etc.

SpoonyRedMage3555d ago

I kind of agree but they didn't mention LoK sadly because I'd love to see at least one more LoK games, maybe even just start with a port of Blood Omen to the DS(although I don't think Eidos owns the IP).

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