Ushering in the Age of Curling; A TPG Review

TPG writes, "First things first. Since curling is the Olympic sport that presumably only Canadians actually care about, a quick reference might be helpful. All you really need to know about this ham-fisted amalgamation of hockey, bumper cars, and darts is that you need to get your "stones" as close to the center of the target as possible."

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evadw3534d ago

Brushy brushy brushy.

The UK are good at it too!

CrAppleton3534d ago

Thank God the sport is referenced in the review.. lol

killyourfm3534d ago

I'm not exactly a huge fan of the sport, but man - this kind of game seems like a PERFECT fit for the iPhone...

JimmyJames703534d ago

Really? Seriously? Curling?

bgrundman3534d ago

I didn't know that we went to Canada...

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