IGN: Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Hands-on

How long can Bungie keep its legions of Halo 3 fans excited about putting the disc in each day and playing another round? If the fun IGN had with just a day of toying around with the new Mythic Map Pack is any indication, that question won't be answered for a long, long time. The newest set of maps, which will be included with the collector's edition of Halo Wars and later be put on sale by itself for 800 Microsoft points (US $10), do more than simply offer a change of scenery and level layout. It brings a whole new dimension to the Forge.

The Mythic Map Pack, like previous Halo 3 map pack offerings, consists of three maps; Orbital, Assembly, and Sandbox. The first two were designed with the aim of filling gaps in the map library. Sandbox is something special and even if the other maps stunk (they don't), it would be enough for most Halo 3 fans to stand up, take notice, and plunk down the cash. The Forge is about to become even cooler.

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