Ballmer praises openness, attacks iPhone

Companies in the mobile industry will need to be "open" to succeed, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said on Tuesday. However, he said, this may take place "in different ways and at different times", depending on the company.

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Leio3529d ago

Yeah right but you need to succeed before start teaching. Just take a look at your Zune "shake-head"

Raoh3529d ago

LOL did you watch the last Family Guy? peters father threw a party for the rich and ran into bill gates..

"hey bill how are ya.. hey.. can you help me program my zune? (pulls out an ipod) .. oh wait.. i dont have a zune I have an ipod like the rest of the world"


(quote is not verbatim)

BulletToothtony3529d ago

"And NO physical keyboard" comment mr BALLSmer?

youtube it he was mocking the iphone b4 it released and now look at him promoting a touch screen phone

freaking ms and their ways to try to put down the competition.. INNOVATE for once

Monkey5213529d ago

What does Steve Ballmer know about smart phones or successful handhelds? I'm not trying to attack the Zune, but it is not a success in any way. He has no grounds to attack the iPhone without a better or product of equal value on the market.

paul-p19883529d ago

im lost aswell, M$ talking about being open????? what the hell is that??? They keep trying to stop Linux from taking over because of its open ways, so why are they now saying you need to be open???

to be honest, im actually suprised Ballmer even knows what open means...

Theoneneo813529d ago

Hey ballmer why not worry bout making a solid operating system that isnt Crap than worry bout apple.

DJ3529d ago

Stop attacking the competition and LEARN from them for once. The Zune could've been a lot more popular if it had a better name, marketing, and collaborations with leisure spots like Starbucks and Borders.

And don't even get me started on Windows and Xbox. MSNBC was right. The management over at Microsoft thinks way too highly of themselves.

Kaneda3528d ago

I don't think M$ knows how to learn. They know how to copy.

mirroredderorrim3529d ago

What a greedy, fat, bald, ill-tempered hypocrite.

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