Wired: Street Fighter IV Review

Street Fighter IV finds itself hurt by a few ill-advised choices, but worry not: If Capcom Entertainment is truly intent on bringing back the era of the classic 2-D fighter, people will be sure to see incrementally improved editions like Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition, Street Fighter IV Turbo and Super Street Fighter IV Turbo over the next two years.

For now, this is an excellent return to form for a series (and genre) many had written off as dead.

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Zeus Lee3531d ago

I trust Wired,their GeOW2 review made me a fan of their work.

I'm still going to buy SFIV on Ps3,an 8 is more than enough to sell me on the game :)

Baba19063531d ago

i just think they should watch theire words a bit better. i mean an excellent return sounds like way more than an 8.