Is PC Gaming Dead?

In an era of high-definition, online interconnected systems like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, will PC gaming go the way of coin-operated arcades? According to market research firm The NPD Group, sales of PC games precipitously declined to $701 million in 2008, a 14 percent year-on-year drop. But is the sky really falling for desktop users? A deeper look suggests not, pointing to a hobby that's instead evolving so rapidly it would make Darwin blush.

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LarVanian3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Another one of these articles?
FFS when the hell will these "PC gaming is dead" and "PS3 is doomed" articles stop?!

EDIT- Sorry man. Title is indeed misleading lol.
Still, there are too many "PC gaming and PS3 are doomed" articles.

Nineball21123533d ago

Calm down... read the article. It's kind of a misleading title, but that's the title they gave.

Nineball21123533d ago

No prob... and I agree with you on all the "doom and gloom" articles.

cyril sneer3533d ago

it only sucks balls to you because its way out of your league go play on your poor mans pc whatever console that is.

PirateThom3533d ago

I'm giving you a bubble for no other than reason than Cyril Sneer is awesome.

PotNoodle3533d ago

PC gaming isn't dead, but it is slowly making its way into console gaming.

Think about it for a second before you disagree, look at how much consoles have evolved over the years and compare each generation of consoles to the PC platform and you might see it.

table3533d ago

I agree, especially in the FPS genre. There was a time when shooters were better on PC, not just for graphics but for gameplay aswell. Now i believe that has changed and consoles are better for shooters.

The reason for this is that the consoles graphics can now hold their own against the PC and also looking down the sights of a gun is becoming more important in the top games and this mechanic works alot better on the consoles controls.

solar3533d ago

holy crap. consoles are better for shooters? are you kidding me?

wibble3533d ago

Playing an FPS on a console makes me feeling like I'm a retarded dalek trying to swing my turret head around looking for Dr Who's ass.

I can't believe they've not added autoaim to Killzone 2. I wont even be renting that game..

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The story is too old to be commented.