IncGamers: Runes of Magic Preview

IncGamers' Bill Vaughan looks at the free-to-play MMO, Runes of Magic. Vaughan writes:

"Its reputation precedes it – Runes of Magic the World of Warcraft clone. As an experienced WoW player, I was very curious about Frogster's upcoming free-to-play MMO and keen to see if the rumours were true, but when I finally got my hands on RoM I didn't find what I expected."

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Leord3529d ago

I think it looks very interesting. Might stop paying for WoW then, as I almost never play anyway...

AndyA3529d ago

Good preview, sounds better than I expected.

Maticus3529d ago

It does look like WoW, just with all the bits WoW missed out, and it's free!

Fyzzu3529d ago

I'm interested in just about any game with a character creation system that lets me make a disproportionate genetic monstrosity that should not be, so for that alone this seems right up my alley.

Dorjan3529d ago

lol, I like it when there are restraints on games to prevent people from being stupid but then there is the block functions hehe.

Dorjan3529d ago

Hmm, this seems like a really good step for free MMOs.

Well made, good enough gameplay and easy to use. That and since you only pay for items you want and have no monthly fees you can play as little or as much as you like.

Easier on your time than the pay monthly games you feel you have to log onto to get your money worth!

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