Microsoft in talks to acquire startup 3DV Systems

The first Israeli exit of 2009 is hitting the road. Software giant Microsoft is negotiating to acquire the Israeli startup 3DV Systems for about $35 million, despite the alarming condition of the global economy and grim forecasts of more pain to come.

3DV Systems develops "virtual reality" imaging technology for digital cameras that it sells, called ZCams (formerly Z-Sense). Its main targets are the gaming market ("enjoy a genuinely immersive experience," the company says on its Web site).

Now that graphics have become so advanced, it explains, the key to making a real difference lies in how you can control the game. The ZCam lets players control the game using body gestures alone, rather as PlayStation's EyeToy does, or Microsoft's Vision or Nintendo's Wii. 3DV Systems argues that its system is better than these, adding that you don't have to wear anything.

Microsoft apparently plans to use 3DV Systems' technology in its own gaming technology, probably in the Xbox 360.

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Nineball21123557d ago

I think they believe that 3D gaming is the "next big thing" and they want in on it early.

It's actually a good thing because this will again (hopefully) foster a good competitive "back and forth" between MS and Sony.

It's obviously something that MS has faith in, if they are willing to acquire a company in the current business environment.

Nineball21123557d ago

Yeah, so what is the point of your post? The channels are Xbox 360 and tech? Are you trying to say that's incorrect?

PS360PCROCKS3557d ago

nice. that would be cool.

Droid Control3557d ago

just want a normal pad!
No gimmicks!

kewlkat0073557d ago

I thought they were suppose to be broke and laying off people...

They are willin and dealin...

Elven63557d ago

That was a different division which was already losing money.

The Lazy One3557d ago

which division was that?

just a question.

FantasyStar3557d ago

Well like the old saying goes- "You have to spend money to make money". Or in this case "you gotta layoff people to spend money to make money, to hire more people to make money.".

Sitdown3557d ago

on why they believe it would be implemented in the 360....I would expect this would be tweaked and be something introduced with the next console.....especially since the vision camera is already out.

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